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Lightbulb Welcome to The Rife Forum

welcome to the Rife Forum that originally opened in September 2002, and was updated in December 2005 with an entirely new forum engine and many more features and posts than ever before.

The Rife Forum is the result of over 2 years of planning and is closely designed around the needs of the Rife research community.

This forum has a number of advantages over the existing Yahoo Groups, commonly used for Rife discussion groups in the past, and allows for messages to be much better organised from the start. By using a large number of seperate catagories and forums, each topic can be discussed separately and you only need to read the messages you are interested in. It is also much easier to access messages in the archives as the one long list of messages provided by Yahoogroups was not very easy to search or sort.

A main difference to a list server like Yahoogroups is that you can now read and post the messages online instead of via your E-Mail account. If you wish to be informed about new messages in specific threads or even forums via Email, you can easily subscribe to those that interest you (Thread Tools/Subscribe to this Thread). If you wish to be informed about new messages in a specific forum, use Forum Tools/Subscribe to this Forum). If you wish to receive all new messages per Email from all main forums, we suggest joining the Rifeforum Yahoogroup!

As times are initially shown in Greenich Mean Time (GMT). If you are not living in this time zone (UK for example), you can change the time zone shown in your personal profile settings to the time zone for your area. Daylight Saving Time is handled automatically by the system.

The language for all messages is English. However, you will be able to change the language of the forum environment to another language if you prefer. This makes the forum easier to use if English is not your own language.

German members can use to automatically start the forum in German (Du). See also PDA mode below.

Take your time to learn how this all works. In the FAQ and in the other messages in this forum, you will find full instructions on how to use the forums on this system. If you already have a Rife device, please select an Avatar (little image shown next to your messages) for the kind of Rife device you use. If we do not have a picture of your device yet, let me know which device you have and where I can find a picture of it (or send me one). I will add the image as soon as I can.

The Rife Forum is here for the free exchange of information on Rife, the technology he invented, and the modern versions and adaptations of it: Both pad and plasma based therapy and, of course the microscope!

When you post a message, make sure you post it in the correct forum. If you cannot find a suitable forum, pick the "Other" section in the relevant catagory. If enough messages appear on a specific new topic, I will add a new forum and move the messages there.

If you use a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) with access to the Internet and would like to access the forum in a special more simplified mode, our new PDA Style is for you. Just select the "PDA" Style on the menu found on the bottom left or alternatively use one of the following addresses to access the forum: (PDA Mode, Current Language) (Alternative way of starting PDA mode) (PDA Mode, German Language) (Alternative way of starting German PDA mode) (PC Mode, Normal setting) (Alternative way of starting PC mode) (PC Mode, Normal setting, German) (Alternative way of starting PC mode, German)

I have a lot of ideas waiting to be implemented so you will see more features and services appearing here over time.

Please read the rules of the forum. In particular, I ask that no personal attacks are made on any of the members or moderators. You can discuss ideas and concepts, but not in an abusive way. Live, let live and be fair!

When chosing your User name, always use the stucture: "Firstname Lastname" (e.g. "Peter Walker").

Anonymous names are not allowed in this forum. Always use your real name as we all want to know who we are talking to. It is also necessary to state your location although your County/State and country is enough. For example: if you are in the UK, you would write something like "Essex, UK", in Germany "NRW, Germany" and our American users, the state and country (i.e. "California, USA").

I know that a lot of people in the Rife community are based in America. With this forum, you put one foot into Europe where the rules are entirely different. In Europe, we have medically CE certified Rife units used by real doctors in clinics and even hospitals (although not many, yet).

This forum has been setup, as a service to the Rife community, as I saw that a number of important issues, like independant reviews of Rife devices, well sorted catagories, etc. were just not available.

Running a forum like this, as well as background research etc., does cost money and a lot of time. We have therefore introduced a paid subscription system providing you with access to certain special features (test reports, multimedia, etc.) for a flat rate of about $5 month (less with a longer subscription). The main parts of this forum will remain free of charge so everyone can choose for themselves if they wish to pay for these extra features. One of the most requested features is independant comparisons of Rife machines. As compiling such information is very time and cost intensive, we feel that the introduction of a small fee to access these reports fully justified.

Finally I want to thank the many users of this forum who have helped and encouraged me to run and expand this forum. I take great pleasure in learning about how this technology has really helped people regain their health, particularly where more conventional methods were inadequate.

I wish you all the best of health

Peter Walker
Forum Owner (administrator)

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