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Rife Forum Newsletters We sometimes send a Rife Forum Newsletter to all our members via eMail. Previous Newsletters can be found here (Public).

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Default The Rife Forum Newsletter - March 2009!

Welcome to our new Rife Forum Newsletter!

Dear Member,
Welcome to our new newsletter discussing issues related to Rife Forum related events, research, news, etc.

If you are wondering how you came to be receiving this newsletter, it is being sent to all members of the Rife Forum per eMail. You therefore are already a member of the Rife Forum, even if you have not visited it for some time (more on this later). If for any reason you do not wish to receive future newsletters from us, simply reply to this eMail with unsubscribe in the subject line. Your Rife Forum membership will not be affected. For details of how to access the Rife Forum, see below. Note that we have changed the email address of this newsletter to as some members were confused why the Rife Forum newsletter was coming from!

If you did unsubscribe from our newsletter in 2008 and you are receiving this, please accept our apologies. We had a data problem and some of the unsubscription requests got lost. Unsubscribe again and you will stay unsubsribed this time.

We do plan to start sending these newsletters more regually. If you have some interesting articles to be published in our next newsletter, let me know.

Peter Walker

The Rife Forum has been updated with many new features!

The Rife forum has been through a number of changes since it began in September 2002. We started out using the phpBB forum engine which was much less sophisticated than we are using today. After suffering a hacker attack back in 2005, which left the forum offline for 6 months, we returned with the much more powerful and secure vBulletin engine.

For technical reasons related to the server we were using, the forum software could not be updated for some time. We were also suffering problems with our email server and slow response times.

The Rife Forum has now been transferred to a new faster and more powerful server which has enabled us to also upgrad the Forum software to the latest version of vBulletin and add a lot of new features!

Your passwords, usernames, etc. have not changed and no data has been lost by the upgrade.

Here are just a few of the new features:
  • Projects: Complete Project Management System
  • Blogs: You can create your very own Rife related blog - viewable to Rife Forum members only!
  • Social Groups: Build up your own group of friends with a common interest
  • Pictures & Albums: Create your own pictures albums to show other members
  • Contacts & Friends: Connect better to your best friends on the forum
  • New Posts: We have always had a list of recent posts - this goes back further!
  • Search: Improved with more powerful tools
  • Quick Links: Helps you find those useful places that are harder to find
  • Links: Our Links directory is now better than ever
  • Thanks: Do you like a post and wish to show your appreciation - click on the new Thanks button!
  • Faster: The forum is running on a much more powerful server - pages display faster, waiting times are shorter
There are loads of further minor improvements. The Rife Forum is better than ever with loads of new ways of sharing information. To learn how to use these new features, please visit our help section:

Please enjoy the new updated Rife Forum - The Rife community has never been this good!

To Rife, or not to Rife, that is the Question!

Back in November 2008, there were a number of heated discussion as to what can be called "Rife" and what not. Forum member "Jason Ringas" wanted the term to only be used in the strictest of ways and he declared all current devices to not be Rife related at all.

This led to a lot of confusion with a compromise being found where "Rife" relates to the actual technology originally developed by Royal Raymond Rife and "R.I.F.E" relates to Resonance Initiated Field Effect, or Resonance Initiated Frequency Effect as coined by James Bare.

A special Forum section has been created where these issues are being handled.

To learn more about this, please visit the Real Rife Research section.

Lyme-and-rife Yahoogroup has closed - Information transfered to the Rife Forum

Bryan Rosner recently decided to close his popular Lyme-and-rife Yahoogroup to protect himself from possible liability issues as advised by his lawyers. Bryan is well known for his various book about Lyme disease and the popularity of his group reflected just how bad Lyme disease really is!

In order to prevent the loss of the files on his Yahoogroup, they have been transferred to a special Lyme and Rife Information section on the Rife Forum. A number of his members also joined the Rife Forum where discussions on Lyme can be continued in the Lyme section.

Nenah Sylver's Frequency Directory

Nenah Sylver, known for her excellent "Handbook of Frequency Healing" has just released her latest eBook: "The Frequency Directory".

Here is my personal Review:
Up until now, frequency lists have been basically just that - a long list of frequencies with just a few explanations and little more. The best of these was the CAFL, yet even this was just a long list.

What was needed was a detailed explanation of each set of frequencies for specific conditions and written by someone who knows what she is talking about Dr. Nenah Sylver, PhD.

I have had a good look through the Frequency Directory and I must admit I was very impressed! Nenah has put a lot of work into making real sense of those numbers and provides tons of medical explanations, advice on complementary therapies, comments, special sections, etc. It is a real goldmine of information and well worth every penny.

Nenah's upcoming new book is full of excellent information relevant to everybody involved in the field of electrotherapy. It has been an honour to help her get through the technical side of getting this released and I cannot recommend her book highly enough.

Technical side: The eBooks are secured using and this means the following:
  1. The book is in the form of a Windows exe file. However, Adobe PDF is used to display the files and it is just as easy to use as a PDF reader. Disadvantage is that these files can only be viewed on Windows based systems. We are looking at solutions for Macintosh as well.
  2. The current limit is 2 installs per customer. However, if there is a demand for this, we could increase the number of possible installs for a nominal fee. You can deinstall the file from one computer and move it to another so we felt 2 installs should be enough for most people.
  3. We have allowed copy and paste as well as printing so no problems there (printing to a PDF driver will not work). Please note that the versions downloadable before March 4th may not allow printing. If you obtained such a version, just download it again from the same location and printing will then work.
  4. No printed version of the Frequency Directory is planned. Nenah's updated Rife Handbook has now grown to over 750 pages, and because physically printing this would cost a lot of money, this will not happen for a while. However, the eBook version will be available shortly, an affordable alternative to a product that would otherwise not be released at all.
  5. eBooks do have a number of advantages over physical books. Cheaper as no printing costs, no shipping costs to anywhere in the world. Immediate delivery, searchable for any terms, etc.
  6. I have added a bonus package of five Rife related PDF files, one of them containing original Rife correspondence, over 700 pages in size. Full details at the link below.
  7. The Frequency Directory costs $34.95, that's about 28 Euros or 25 pounds, and it can be downloaded as a free sample from my website at:
Those who order in the next few days will also receive 5 Rife related Bonus eBooks free of charge.

Rife Forum Help

You are already a member of the Rife Forum - have you visited it, lately?

The Rife Forum started in September 2002 and has developed a lot since then. Currently we have about 5568 members, over 2600 topics and over 10300 posts covering every aspect of Rife technology. The Rife Forum uses the modern vBulletin forum software enabling you to easily view the topics by catagory.

We have noticed that a number of members have joined some time ago, yet have not been to the forum for a while. If you are just not sure how to find your way around our forum, it is actually quite easy and we have made available a lot of online resourses to get you using the forum quickly and easily.

Having problems logging into the forum - you will find help here:

If you have forgotten your password:

If you simply need help on how to use the forum:

You can update your profile here:

If you wish to unsubscribe from the Rife Forum:

Please note that this will not automatically unsubscribe you from the newsletter.

We look forward to seeing you on the forum again, soon!

Thank-you for reading this newsletter, which we plan to release more often with special editions where needed.
The Rife Forum newsletter is a service of Rife Research, Europe - and

Contacting Us!
Please do not reply to this Email other than to unsubscribe as this Email account is only monitored by the subscription engine.

To contact us, please use our online form here:

You are getting this message because you signed up to be a member of the Rife Forum at using your email address.

To ensure that future newsletters reach your inbox, please add to your whitelist and address book.
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