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Exclamation Throw-Away and Hotmail Email Accounts are NOT permitted!

Throw-Away Email Accounts are NOT permitted!

Hotmail Problems!

Due to the very high levels of anti-spam tests made by Hotmail, we have been having a large number of our legitimate Emails returned to us in the past from Hotmail Email accounts wrongly filtered as Spam. We have tried hard to resolve these problems, yet still our legitimate forum messages are not reaching our members.

During the forum upgrade, we made adjustments to our outgoing E-Mail system (e.g. SPF) that may improve the deliverability of our E-Mails to hotmail accounts. We are therefore accepting hotmail accounts on a trail basis again.

Existing member accounts, with Hotmail addresses, will continue to be valid until we get a bounce notice for that account. Forum accounts where Emails are returned to us are put on bouncing status restricting your access to the forum. Please update your Email account and inform us so we can restore your account to normal.

If you are currently using a Hotmail account, we strongly suggest using a different eMail provider with this forum to avoid such problems in the future.

Throw-Away Email addresses!

We have had a number of people who have been trying to register for membership to this forum using so called throw-away Email accounts. These are temporary Email accounts that are only used to complete registration and are then never used again.

The only reason anyone would be using a throw-away Email account is to send people spam or post spam on their website. NOT HERE!

We will NOT approve any membership requests to this site for anyone using a throw-away Email account or any other Email service designed specifically for spammers.

The forum has been setup to automatically reject any Email accounts from any throw-away Email services we are aware of (see list below).

Please note that a valid Email address is a requirement for membership and invalid and bouncing Emails can lead to deleting your account without warning or notification.


Our main goal is to protect the privacy of our website members. We will take every step to insure that we do this. This is why only members of this site can post articles or comments here. Any members posting spam to our website or caught sending spam to any of our other members will have their account deleted and ip address banned from accessing our site.


The following Email domains will NOT be accepted when registering or changing Email addresses:

Last edited by Peter Walker; 01-29-2015 at 09:55. Reason: January 2015 - Updated list of banned domains.
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