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Default How to Become a Trusted Member


The following gives an outline of the various categories available.

The Trusted Member status provides the members of this forum with a unique method of identifying those members who have an established expertise in the world of Rife and have been recognised by the moderators of this forum. Trusted Members also have enhanced membership priveleges, like a larger personal messages area, more capacity to post attachments, ability to post events in the Calendar, etc.

This recognition is important as it gives those looking for advice and help a much better idea of who they are communicating with.

The following catagories have been defined so far:

Forum Management
  • Owner of The Rife Forum

    Additional Moderators
  • Author of a relevant book

    Established Researcher

    Clinical research, studies or treatment

    Specialising in historical research

    Specialising in Microscopes (not just Rife)

    Specialising in Scientific Research
  • Medical Doctor

    Health Practitioner
  • Device Manufacturer

    Marketing of Rife devices internationally

    Marketing of Rife devices in Europe

    Marketing of Rife devices in the USA/Canada
In order to qualify for Trusted Member status, you will need an established background in the respective category.
  1. Go to the User CP (Control Panel) and select Edit Profile.
  2. Complete the various questions, including those under Additional Information where specific questions are asked to allow the admin to assess your application for Trusted Membership.
  3. If you are previously unknown to us, we will need a reference from one of the existing Trusted Members, for example. Please ask that person to E-Mail us a character reference of some kind. If you run an established Rife related website, that could also qualify as a reference. Basically, we just need enough verification so that we have no doubt that you are who you say you are and that you have an established background.
  4. When you have got all the information together, contact the administrator so that your submission can be considered.
Once we have the information, we will consider the application and, where appropriate, apply the respective rank to your user account.

Please note that simply being a medical doctor, or some similar qualification, does not by itself entitle you to Trusted Membership. You need to have made some kind of significant contribution to Rife research, etc. to be considered for such a rank.

If you have any more questions or suggestions, let me know!
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