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  • Small cell lung cancer in remission for 6 months

    Lung Cancer in remission
    In about June of 2017 I had a CT scan guided needle biopsyshowing that I had a 10.4 by 8.2 cm cancer tumor in one lung. I also developedpneumonia. I checked into Banner GatewayHospital in poor condition.Antibioticscured the pneumonia and I had a chemo therapy treatment for the cancer.At the time the prognosis was that it waslikely that I would die soon.Afterabout a week the doctor said that my insurance would not pay for moretreatments at that hospital but that I could get excellent care at MD AndersonCancer Center next door which was where I went.I had 3 more sessions of chemo therapy there.After the second session of chemo therapy Ibegan to use resonant frequency therapy at home.On September 19, 2017 I was told that I wasin remission, but the doctor believed the cancer would come back; todayFebruary 27, 2018 my doctor told me that I am still in remission according tomy recent MRI and CT scan.

    Here arenotes on my procedure:

    With Multi Oscillator Generator 1.81 software on my homecomputer I made a file: each frequency set for square wave to last for a period of 1800 seconds as independent frequencies setting initial and final to the same audio frequency of 462 cycles, 776 cycles, 852 cycles, 1582 cycles, 2008 cycles, 2104cycles, 2144 cycles, and 3672 cycles. Ifound that the software tends to change my settings for independent frequenciesbut by going back and forth over the settings I could eventually get thefrequencies set as independent frequencies.I wrote the wave file onto my computer (it modifies the frequenciessomewhat to make it so that I can write it to a CD.) I wrote the wave file to aCD.
    I modified a Talking House AM Radio Transmitter so that I could plug into a 1/8” socket connected to the antenna wire and the other tothe ground of the radio. To begin asession do not plug in the wires to the sticky pads; plug in the power to theradio, adjust the frequency to 1600(000) cycles: allow the radio to perform its calculation then plug in the wires leading to the sticky pads; with the stickypads applied to the person’s body; those wire were wires leading to plastic sticky pads that I bought from amazon.com (FDA cleared Health mate ForeverYK15ABTENS unit, and I bought some spare pads for a tens unit).I have not actually been using the tens unit,it is just that the stick pads and wires work well.
    After the radio has done its calculation; plug in a pair of wires with a 1/8” plug into the ear phone socket of a Sony Walkman and the other end of the wire intothe microphone socket of the radio; start the CD player running with the CD of the frequencies. You may want to turn the volume to a comfortable lever with the dial on the back of the radio.

    I run it for 30minutes per day. I usually run it in the morning.
    I am pleased to report that I am in remission but I am lowon energy.

    Thank you,
    Norman Strand
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