Please Note: The Rife Forum is currently offline for a major software upgrade!

Status August 19, 2017: Upgrade process is proceeding, yet there is still a lot to do. We hope to have the forum back online by August 27, 2017.

We are posting progress updates, on our Facebook Page!

To give you a better idea of our progress, here is a list of jobs waiting to be completed.

Features to Install:

- Custom fields - Complete!
- Update installed additional languages (UK, DE) - In progress.
- Categories, sub text missing
- Members Avatars
- Transfer existing Blogs to new system (they got lost in the upgrade)
- Yahoo symbols on Forum descriptions missing
- Thread ratings missing
- Privacy settings for all members!
- Subscribe when posting on by default
- Update Instructions in Forum announcements.
- Check Forum Permissions.
- Definitions.
- Links directory missing, rebuild and reinstall existing links
- Donation system rebuild with donation bar.
- New "Thanks" system does not yet have data from old.
- Upgrade video showing platform

Technical Problems to be resolved:

- Empty Emails were being sent out. Determine cause and solve.
- Online videos not showing properly

After the data upgrade, on July 31, the Rife Forum sent out a number of empty emails to our members. This was not planned or deliberate and is an issue remaining to be solved. The emailing system has been disabled for now until this is solved. During diagnostics, it is possible that this will happen again, so please simply delete any such emails.

As this process involves a lot of work and testing, please be patient for the new forum to come online.

There is an archive of Rife Forum messages on YahooGroups and it is now possible to read those messages by joining that YahooGroup. Please note that the Rifeforum YahooGroup is read only.

The Rife YahooGroup is online as usual for active discussions on Rife.

You can also visit our Rife Research website:

Thank-you for your continued support over the many years (we started in September 1999). There are lots of further improvements planned for this year. I will write again when everything is back online.

If you are interested in microscopes, please have a look at my business website:

If you need to contact me, you can use this form.


Peter Walker
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