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Rate Link: Alan Stang - Electronic Medicine, Cure for Cancer?
by Peter Walker on 05-13-2006 14:03
Electronic Medicine
This is the story of perhaps the most important medical development in history, the use of electronic frequencies not only to detect what is wrong with you, but also to help your body get rid of it.


One of the things the conspiracy for world government takes great care to permeate is the profession of medicine, for the obvious reason that everybody, at least once in a while, goes to a doctor. You can control the patient, more or less, if you control the profession and the doctor. And so we suffer from what I call Monopoly Medicine.

Monopoly Medicine includes the American Medical Association, which federal Judge Susan Getzendanner ruled was running a “conspiracy” (her word) to destroy chiropractic, and which in fact was founded to destroy homeopathy. Monopoly Medicine also includes Big Pharma, the monster drug companies that presently are trying to make vitamin supplements illegal; along with its terror enforcement gang, the F.D.A., and its utterly subservient medical schools.

The Food and Drug Administration gangsters specialize in raiding health food stores and doctors’ offices, throwing doctors into jail, destroying their practices and lives and confiscating equipment. In Kent, Washington, they conned the local police, saying they needed help to raid some drug pushers.

Instead, the disgusted cops found themselves participating in an invasion of the office of Jonathan Wright, M.D., the renowned healer, where F.D.A. Nazis subdued patients, nurses and secretaries. They said they had found a contaminated vial of medicine in the garbage, which was true. Dr. Wright’s Tahoma clinic had thrown it there precisely because it was contaminated.

American doctors routinely work under a reign of terror. They must be familiar with tens of thousands of pages of federal regulations. To convict a man of any crime, however serious, the prosecutor must prove intent. If there is no intent, there is no crime. But if a doctor’s secretary enters the wrong code in the wrong box, it is prima facie “Medicare fraud,” even if the doctor did not intend it; even if he knew nothing about it.

Much of the time today, you are being treated by a salesman, not a doctor. The salesman is the “detail man” from the huge drug company, who tells the doctor about the latest drugs. The doctor generally knows little more than what the detail man tells him about a particular medicine. He doesn’t have time to learn more. The doctor used to take a long history; the better the history, the better the treatment. Today, in a medical version of bam bam, thank you ma’am, you are in and out in a few minutes, clutching a prescription.

For years, totalitarians have told us to imitate Canada. But as bad as it is becoming down here, it is even worse up there. By the time Canada’s government medicine does your procedure, you could well be dead and not need it. All you need to know about Canada’s medicine is that Canadian doctors and patients routinely escape and come here.

But now comes my new book, Electronic Medicine: Cure for Cancer? Electronic medicine is the Twenty First Century’s version of homeopathy, developed and systematized by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). The so-called “orthodox” medicine we have been trained to use in this country believes that the symptoms are the disease. Homeopathy believes exactly the opposite: that the symptoms are the system’s attempt to fight off the disease.

The principle on which homeopathy is based is “like cures like,” which originated with Hippocrates some 2500 years ago. Hippocrates searched for medicines that were most like the disease. So, “alternative” medicine is not at all a new fad. “Alternative medicine” is genuinely traditional medicine. What Hahnemann called allopathy and we call “orthodox” medicine is a relatively new, perversion of medicine. Today’s drug culture medicine, in which people are trained from pre-K to be pharmaceutical drug addicts, has been around for little more than a hundred years.

Man is a biochemical, bioelectric being. What Hahnemann was doing without knowing it in his laborious search for cures, was finding a medicine with the same frequency as the disease he was treating. We are all familiar with the opera singer whose note shatters the glass. Why? Because her note and the glass emit the same frequency and establish a mutual resonance. In the same way, because “like cures like,” a medicine that has the same frequency as a pathogen will kill it when they collide.

Electronic medicine is the art of developing machines that create the frequencies needed to restore health. Some 75 years ago, a scientific genius named Royal Rife developed such a machine. Monopoly Medicine used gangster government to drive him out of this country. Rife had to hide out in Mexico, where so many other healers have fled.

Over the years, people using the Rife technology have been raided, imprisoned, driven to suicide and insanity. Government goon squads seized and smashed Rife equipment and pressured recovered patients to recant about the relief they had enjoyed. The foreman in one jury that convicted a Rife practitioner was an AMA doctor. The other jurors were kept in ignorance. An Ohio doctor named Stafford was hounded so badly he gave up medicine and became a salesman. Of course all this is standard Communist federal goon procedure whenever someone develops something Monopoly Medicine does not control.

All technology is primitive when it is first introduced. The original computers were even bigger than Rosie O’Donnell, which you can’t lift, but could not do as much as your calculator, which you can. Today’s electronic medicine is seventy five light years more sophisticated than Royal Rife’s monumental technology.

The company in the forefront of frequency technology today is Eagle Research, in Simpsonville, South Carolina, for whom I wrote the new book. Eagle produces a complete line of frequency products, including the Guardian, which magnifies the body’s frequencies to a previously inconceivable one trillion x and reinserts them into the system. Eagle also produces the Frequency Generator, with which one can literally use a telephone-type keypad to format the known frequencies of various disorders. Doctors are having remarkable success with the generator on previously incurable cases of ALS.

It is worth noting that Monopoly Medicine has made the terms “treat,” “heal” and “cure” “illegal” for people who are not Monopolists. Because we are docile to a fault, we don’t use those terms. For instance, we conduct “sessions,” not treatments. The terms are inaccurate and useless anyway, and should be swept into the dust bin of history, because they are hopelessly obsolete and do not describe what electronic medicine does. It restores the body’s balance, strengthening it so that it can heal itself.

Electronic Medicine: Cure for Cancer? is a brief history of medicine starting with Hippocrates. It explains the science of homeopathy and its relation to frequencies. And it is replete with examples of what electronic medicine has done. Diabetes patients about to enter surgery for amputations have restored themselves to normalcy and kept their feet. People with so much pain for so long that they could not get out of bed are now back at work. Domestic animals – for which there can be no placebo effect – have returned from the brink of death.

A lady with advanced, visible breast cancer used the Guardian. Three months later, the cancer was gone. So were a couple of prostate cancers I discuss in the book. In fact, the heroine of my book had cancer at least a couple of times, and suffered thirty seven surgeries (yes, thirty seven), chemotherapy and radiation; she finally found relief with the Guardian. The doctor pronounced her clear, but he irritably prescribed another six months of chemo and radiation, which she declined.

A month ago, at a medical convention in Toronto, an otherwise robust man of about sixty appeared at the Eagle booth with a pronounced spasm he had suffered for eleven years since an automobile accident. Every fifteen or twenty seconds for eleven years, he would suddenly contort as if subjected to a strong electric shock. He said he had been to doctors across Canada without success. He did the Guardian procedure once and a month later still has not suffered another spasm. Of course, this does not – does not – does not prove you would enjoy the same success, but he certainly did.

Because I am so inspired by the possibilities of electronic medicine, I not only wrote the book, but also I have agreed to become Eagle Research’s regional representative in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. If you want to know more, please get in touch with me. Electronic medicine could be a mighty weapon in the battle to destroy Monopoly Medicine, which is one of the conspiracy for world government’s most effective tools.

Recently, I did a book signing at the Eagle Research booth in Dallas at a convention of the American College for Advancement in Medicine, a vibrant group of doctors who believe in freedom of choice in medicine; who believe that medical choices should be made by doctors and patients, not by bureaucrats sitting in offices a couple of thousand miles away, who have never even seen the patients. Many of the doctors were enthralled with the frequency equipment and the book.

To order Electronic Medicine: Cure for Cancer? go to and click on Buy a Stang Book! a wholesome habit you should develop. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy many happy vibes.

Published originally at : republication allowed with this notice and hyperlink intact."
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Rate Link: Barry Lynes - The Cancer Cure That Works!
by Peter Walker on 01-13-2006 10:08
Author Barry Lynes, born in 1942, is an investigative reporter who lives in California. His areas of research, articles and books include economic theory, climate changes, history, U.S.-Soviet relations and alternative health treatments. In early...
Details: The following is an excerpt from the book: The Cancer Cure That Worked, by Barry Lynes:
Originally Posted by Barry Lynes
Royal R. Rife, born in 1888, was one of the greatest scientific geniuses of the 20th century. He began researching a cure for cancer in 1920, and by 1932 he had isolated the cancer virus. He learned how to destroy it in laboratory cultures and went on to cure cancer in animals. In 1934, he opened a clinic which successfully cured 16 of 16 cases within three months time. Working with some of the most respected researchers in America along with leading doctors from Southern California, he electronically destroyed the cancer virus in patients, allowing their own immune systems to restore health. A Special Research Committee of the University of Southern California oversaw the laboratory research and the experimental treatments until the end of the 1930s. Follow-up clinics conducted in 1935, 1936 and 1937 by the head of the U.S.C. Medical Committee verified the results of the 1934 clinic. Independent physicians utilizing the equipment successfully treated as many as 40 people per day during these years. In addition to curing cancer and other deadly diseases, degenerative conditions such as cataracts were reversed. Rife had been able to determine the precise electrical frequency which destroyed individual micro-organisms responsible for cancer, herpes, tuberculosis, and other illnesses. His work was described in Science magazine, medical journals, and later the Smithsonian Institution's annual report. Unfortunately, Rife's scientific theories and method of treatment conflicted with orthodox views. His work was stopped and both the research and the treatments were forced underground. Doctors secretly continued curing cancer patients for 22 years after the original success of the 1934 clinic, but always with opposition from medical and governmental authorities - However, from 1950 to the mid-1980s, a number of research scientists, working independently, have slowly been verifying the scientific principles upon which Rife's clinical cures of the 1930s were based. A body of recognized scientific evidence now overwhelmingly supports the original cancer theories articulated and demonstrated by Rife 50 years ago. This includes modern AIDS researchers. In the 1950s, John Crane-engineer, machinist, laboratory analyst, health researcher and inventor - became Rife's partner. Crane, born in 1915, worked at Rife's side from 1950 until Rife's death in 1971. During this time, he learned all the secrets of Rife's cancer cure... and all the details of its suppression. Together, the two men designed and constructed new and better equipment, and managed to interest a new generation of doctors in the possibilities of a genuine, lasting and painless cancer cure. And again the authorities struck. Crane was jailed, equipment was smashed, records were destroyed. Again the motives driving on the forces of suppression were the same. By sharing the long hidden facts, as well as thousands of documents preserved from the 1930s, Crane has enabled the full story to be told.
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Rate Link: CD Recordings of Royal Raymond Rife
by Peter Walker on 01-13-2006 11:40
8 reels of audio tapes have been found, cleaned up and recorded on 15 CDs. These CDs contain Dr. Royal Rife and others talking about the Cancer Virus and his research.
Details: There had been no indications of any audio tapes ever being recorded of Dr Rife telling about his experiences using his microscopes and Frequency Instruments -- until!!!!! ---

Early March 2000, at 5PM, when a telephone call was received. An excited Dr. R. P. Stafford, M.D., announced that while cleaning out a closet in his home, he discovered eight reel-to-reel audio tapes (Scotch Brand Magnetic Tape 190A[1-3" & 3 ea. 5" reels] & NO Brand name [4-5"reels]) from the Rife Labs, dated back in the late 50s. The tapes had been sent to him by John Crane, about the time Dr Stafford was going to do his rat tests to evaluate the effectiveness of the Rife Frequency Instrument (RFI). Dr Stafford, being very busy at that point of his life with his professional and civic involvement, put them into safe storage, without opening nor listening to the tapes.

The reel boxes were still taped together when received from Dr Stafford.
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Rate Link: Gerald F. Foye - Royal Raymond Rife, Humanitarian, Betrayed
by Peter Walker on 01-13-2006 11:49
An historical background of Royal R. Rife and the intriguing technology he created to cure the ills of mankind using electronically induced frequency generation.
Based on story of Dr. Raymond Royal Rife who isolated the causitive viruses of cancer and 40 other major diseases and created a phenomenal, non-invasive cure. For his efforts, Rife was betrayed, persecuted and his concepts suppressed by medical peers. This was in the 1920's. In the 1950's, John Crane attempted a revival of Rife's concepts and for his efforts, Crane was imprisoned.

About the Author
Gerald F. Foye (AKA Fred Farly) actually expiremented with the technology of Rife and was able to cure two debilitating ailments, both of which orthodox medical experts could not cure.
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Rate Link: James E. Bare, D.C. - Resonant Frequency Therapy
by Peter Walker on 01-13-2006 13:34
This introduction reviews a book which one may use to construct their own functional Rife/Bare instrument. This instrument utilizes patented methods and techniques to producea modern day recreation of a relatively unknown therapy device. A device...
Clinical applications and success with Dr. Rife's machine extended through the 1930's, with treatment of a wide variety of diseases. The late 1930's witnessed the founding of the Beam Ray Company to commercially produce the device. By the mid 1940's, the technology behind Dr. Rife's device was essentially lost. The Beam Ray Company had self destructed, and the scientific accomplishments of Dr. Rife became more urban legend than fact. Dr. Rife's legacy exists in the estimated 400,000 frequency devices that are presently in use here in the USA. Some of these instruments are very effective, others have limited capabilities . This book is not the story of how the technological discoveries of Dr. Rife were lost, rather this book - manual is about how you can easily recreate a device that is similar, and in many ways superior to, Dr. Rife's, yourself.

The many intervening decades from Dr. Rifes' time to our present day has seen the discovery of many new electronic theories and technologies. What follows, is an explanation of Dr. Rifes' instrument that has been learned through research, and the tying together of theories from many different avenues of science. This knowledge has led the author to improve on the device, and to obtain patents which protect the unique methods and electrical concepts that make the device work.
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Rate Link: John Crane - Blast It!
by Peter Walker on 01-13-2006 11:31
The early works of Royal R. Rife

As recorded in John Crane's Polarity Research Manual Reorganized & Updated

Perhaps you've heard of Royal R. Rife, the genius who discovered in the 1930's that deadly microorganisms can be eliminated through application of resonant frequencies. Rife's partner and friend for 21 years was John F. Crane, who assembled a huge amount of material documenting Rife's work and their work together spanning a period of 60 years. Crane called his book the Polarity Research Manual (PRM).

The manual is a banquet of information for private researchers, people who want to help themselves to get well and stay well. It explains everything from Rife's original microscope and ray tube work in the '30's, to the new pad units first put out in the 1950's. The PRM, in preserving a record of Rife's work, remains the most important foundational material available when it comes to Rife technologies.

Like Rife, John Crane was a man ahead of his time. In addition to rescuing and promoting Rife's discoveries, he was a dedicated researcher of other forms of energetic healing as well. Along with providing the whys, wherefores and how-tos of Rife's discoveries, the PRM also contains detailed instruction for applying frequencies, magnets, color, gemstones and nutrition to hundreds of physical ailments, along with some description of most of the ailments.

Blast It! is the updated, edited version of Crane's PRM. The original, well over 1,000 pages, was sold 15 years ago for $125. This new reorganized version, reduced to 746 pages, is now available for only $100, including shipping and handling. Containing all the research information as available in the original, Blast It! received excellent review in the August, 2002 issue of Nexus Magazine. It is an easy-to-read-easy-to-use must-have for anyone wishing to apply energetic applications to the body for better health.

Blast It! is a major reference work, helpful to anyone using Rife technology, whether applied by electrode pads or by tube, and is as handy for beginners as it is for serious researchers. But for pad unit users, it is essential. Anyone researching Rife Technology, Reflexology, Acupressure, Scenar, Hulda Clarke's method or any other energetic method dealing with the body's meridian points as they relate to sickness will benefit greatly through studying Blast It!
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Rate Link: Lyme Disease and Rife Machines book
by Bryan Rosner on 03-26-2008 13:06
This book describes how electromagnetic frequency devices known as rife machines have been used for over 15 years in private homes to successfully fight Lyme Disease.

First the book looks at the 4
Details: Learn more about and place your order for Bryan Rosner's best-selling book, Lyme Disease and Rife Machines, $35, 220 pages, paperback.
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Rate Link: The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius - Videos
by Peter Walker on 01-13-2006 13:54
The Forgotten Story of Royal Raymond Rife
Part One: Rife's Rise - 74 Minutes
Part Two: Rife's Fall - 71 Minutes
- by Shawn Montgomery
- VHS NTSC (USA) or PAL (Europe)

This video provides an excellent insight into the life of Royal Rife, his discoveries, etc. using original film and audio material as well as interviews with some contemporary researchers.

In 1999, a stack of forgotten audiotapes was discovered. On the tapes were the voices of several people at the center of the events which are the subject of this documentary: a revolutionary treatment for cancer and a practical cure for all infectious disease.

The audiotapes were over forty years old. The voices upon them had almost faded, nearly losing key details of perhaps the most important medical story of the 20th century forever.

But due to the efforts of the Kinnaman Fondation, the faded tapes have been restored and the voices upon them recovered. So now, even though the participants have all passed away, they can finally tell their story.

In the summer of 1934 at a special medical clinic in La Jolla, California, sixteen patients withering from terminal disease were given a new lease on life. It was the first controlled application of a new electronic treatment for cancer: the Beam Ray Machine.
Within ninety days all sixteen patients walked away from the clinic, signed-off by the attending doctors as cured.
What followed the incredible success of this revolutionary new treatment was not a welcoming by the scientific community, bad a sad tale of its ultimate suppression.

Both films written, produced and directed by Shawn Montgomery

I have seen these videos and I can highly recommend anybody, interested in Rife research, to watch them.

Click here to see a preview (Real Player required)
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