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Thread: Christmas Message to the Rife Forum Members for 2022

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    Default Christmas Message to the Rife Forum Members for 2022

    Christmas Message to the Rife Forum Members for 2022

    I would like to wish all the members of the Rife Forum, a Wonderful and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Running a forum with medical topics has been a special challenge this year. Any discussions critical of the "Jab" have been heavily censored on the major platforms along with heavy discrimination and name calling of anyone using critical thinking. I know a lot of people that have been banned on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. just for asking pertinent questions loke "What is in it?", "What side-effects?", etc.

    There has been a massive propaganda push to get us all to take it, and many have. Those refusing have lost their jobs, some of their friends and family, been accused of being conspiracy theorists, science deniers, and so much more. Society has been split in two - those that took the jab and those that refused it. I belong to the group that continues to refuse it and recent revelations have proven that to be a wise decision.

    As to the so-called "Conspiracy Theories", they are only "Theories" as long as there are no hard facts to back them up. I have run out of such "Theories" as they have all been proven to be true with hard evidence. The real "Conspiracy Theories" were those told to us by the government, mainstream doctors, and the elites that have their own agenda.

    Fortunately, the Rife Forum is run by me, Peter Walker, on a webserver I run and therefore there is no such censorship here. You can freely express your opinions here without problems and we all strive to determine the real facts of these all important medical issues.

    The Rife Forum was started in 2002 and has a history of over 20 years of free and open discussions on Rife resonance therapy and other topics of concern as well. We have had our ups and downs over the year and it has been a great forum for exchanging ideas and information.

    Unfortunately, the future of the Rife Forum is very much in question. Despite adding a load of extra quality content to the Premium area, premium subscriptions to the forum are at their lowest ever and now in December, we have only raised $1870 in funding, which is just 28% of our needs. The accounts are empty and the only reason the forum is still online at all is because I have had to work on another project to earn enough money to keep the forum alive. That is why I have not posted much this year, I was too busy on that other project.

    The project I have been working on is the GESARA Show, which is a twice weekly show updating people primarily on the "National/Global Economic Security and Reformation Act" which is a plan to replace the fiat currencies with asset backed currencies and return the sovereignty from the elite bankers to the people. The show also trains people how to take back their sovereignty from the government using a UCC1-308 Cestui Que Vie Trust account, which we all have, yet most do not know about - fascinating topic.

    I will not go into the details of that here, you can learn more about it at

    That show is subscription based ($8 month or $20 quarter) and that money has been used to help pay for the webserver costs, etc., which the Rife Forum also runs on. While this has been a workaround to keep the forum alive, running both system has been eating up all my time and energy.

    I even ran a Rife special show with Nenah Sylver and was surprised that so few people from the Rife Community joined in or at least watched it. I find it puzzling and concerning that at a time of great need for uncensored information and resonance technology being shown to be effective in helping people survive, that so few are engaging in our community at the moment.

    In order to keep this forum alive, we need your donations urgently as I cannot keep funding this forum indefinitely from my own funds and other projects. It needs to at least cover its own costs, which we are a long way behind at the moment.

    I strongly believe that the Rife Forum is a powerful resource for Rife related information and I most definitely wish it to continue, but I cannot afford to keep paying thousands of my own money to keep it afloat, as I have had to do this year.

    Another topic related to GESARA is the upcoming release of Med-Beds - a technology known previously to the elites and top military that can heal almost any disease using resonance. It is due to be released in 2023 soon after the global currency reset.

    Finally, Peter is announcing his latest project that could revolutionize the health of Rife Forum members and beyond. A new system converts any Android or Apple smartphone into a frequency device using the flashlight to emit modulated bio-photons that improves and freshens drinks that can then be consumed or energized water that makes plants grow better and provide EMF protection. A misted spray can be used to help improve the concentration and protect against EMF radiation. While this sounds like science-fiction, it is actually the result of years of scientific research with top scientists including the famous Japanese scientist Prof. Emoto and his son Hiro, that directly helped to develop and test this app. Peter has known the owner of the company, Dr. Ian Lyons since 2010 and even visited him in Kuala Lumpur, where they are based. This new system is available now for a special price of just $2.50 per month, which includes unlimited use of the two apps on one smartphone.

    Due to the long term connection between Peter Walker and Ian Lyons, the Rife Forum was selected as the first place to release the app.

    See the video and other posts in this forum for more details.


    • Watch the Christmas Video
      With Peter Walker, who runs this forum.
    • 0:00:00 Introduction[/JUMPTO]
      Welcome to the Christmas Message
    • 0:00:21 The Rise and Fall of Yahoo Groups
      Why YahooGroups was the cornerstone of the Rife community for over 20 years.
    • 0:02:21 Health-Related Yahoo Group Archives
      Windows PC backups of 70 Groups, available.
    • 0:03:03 Saving the Minutus Group
      How saving one Yahoo Group from oblivion led to greater things.
    • 0:06:00 The Birth of Forums.Group
      A new service setup to reverse the loss of many Yahoo Groups was developed.
    • 0:08:50 The End of Yahoo Groups
      How the service finally died on December 16, 2020.
    • 0:10:25 Moving to Forums.Group?
      How groups can move to the new service.
    • 0:12:00 Please tell others about Forums.Group
      If you were part of a lost group, help us restore it back to life.
    • 0:12:35 Special Discount Code
      Get the exclusive code to shave off 30% of your migration costs.
    • 0:13:10 Rife Forum Appeal!
      We urgently need help to keep The Rife Forum, online.
    • 0:15:24 Peter's Heart Attack
      A stressful year, had its toll on Peter's health - He had a heart-Attack.
    • 0:23:23 The Best Thing to Happen for Years!! Surprise Announcment!
      Time to release details of a new project - An advanced frequency method for $2.50
    • 0:24:42 The new Hydration and L.I.F.E Apps - Must See Video!
      Your Smartphone can now improve your health and protect from EMF and 5G.
    • 0:27:35 App Demonstration!
      See the new apps in action.
    • 0:32:48 How to get the App, Today!
      Download the app from this link, today:
    • 0:34:11 Exclusive First Access...
      The Rife Forum members are the first to get this new technology.
    • 0:35:12 Seasons Greetings
      Merry Christmas, seasons greetings and a wonderful New Year!

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    The new Yahoo Group Replacement Service is Forums.Group. 30% Discount Code: rifeforum
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    Donate now.
    Alternative PayPal Link:

    You can find the additional video and downloadable information on the app on the Rife Forum:
    Order the app online at (discount code: rifeforum)

    ORP-Meters and Blue Spray bottles can be ordered on from January.


    But first, it's time for you to meet Peter Walker for his latest video message to you all...

    Also available on Brighteon:

    Peter Walker
    Administrator = Rife History and Rife-related Research website = Replacement for YahooGroups with full migration. = New way to improve your cell-wellbeing with an app! = Directory and reviews of Rife related websites = Largest serious Rife Related Online Community = Rifeforum Email distribution on Info. = Health-Related YahooGroups Archives - 70 Groups archived. = New home for the former Rife YahooGroup = Peter Walker's Online Shop for Gadgets = SeeNano Microscope, successor to the Ergonom - Available in 2020 = Star Trek New Voyages Fan-Film Series - Peter runs the website.

    We now live in a world where doctors destroy health,
    lawyers destroy justice,
    universities destroy knowledge
    governments destroy freedom
    the press destroy information,
    religion destroys morals,
    and the banks destroy the economy.
    - Christopher Hedges

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    Zoltán Polonkai (12-30-2022)

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