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Thread: Live Zoom Rife Special Meeting with Nenah Sylver and Peter Walker on Sunday - FREE

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    Default Live Zoom Rife Special Meeting with Nenah Sylver and Peter Walker on Sunday - FREE

    2022-09-18, GESARA SHOW 054 - Sunday - Rife Special

    The Rife Forum Admin, Peter Walker, has been hosting a series of online Zoom Meetings under the name GESARA Show for the past 6 months with co-host Billy Gillies (in St. Louis), and the overwhelming reaction from the viewers has been very positive to the now 53 episodes that have now been made (2x/week).

    The show has its own forum website and can also be found on Telegram

    The show aims to inform you on important topics, while being entertaining and maintaining a positive, family-friendly tone. As Peter is British and Billy is American, there is a fair amount of funny banter between the two which many viewers love to watch. We often use TV and movie references to make a point, especially from Star Trek, The Orville, and many contemporary movies.

    Topics covered so far have covered the upcoming Global Currency Reset under NESARA/GESARA (National/Global Economic Security and Reformation Act), alternative health, spiritualism, common law, UCC1-308, 9/11, well-being, and much more. It was therefore only natural that the show have a Rife Special and for that, Peter has invited Dr. Nenah Sylver, PhD as a guest speaker

    UPDATE: We had a great show and you can watch it in full, here.

    September 18, 2022, The GESARA SHOW 054 - Rife Special
    Duration: 3:59:04 - Extended Edition

    This is the 54th episode of the GESARA Show where Peter and Billy have invited guest speaker Nenah Sylver, PhD, author of "The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health" for a Rife Special. Royal Raymond Rife was an inventor and microscopist that invented a powerful optical microscope that could even show viruses. This led to the development of a system to use resonance to devitalise bacteria and viruses, selectively. We discuss the modern day devices and application.

    00:00:00 Breaking News
    00:03:58 Introduction
    00:05:20 Technical problems. Website offline.
    00:07:17 Where are people from?
    00:09:37 Last Trump Rally...
    00:10:48 Interesting flag...
    00:14:48 Introducing Nenah Sylver, PhD
    00:15:00 Billy's health issues
    00:15:45 Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health
    00:18:09 Rife Universal Microscope
    00:22:15 Who was Royal Raymond Rife?
    00:28:36 Rife device BW21
    00:29:19 Charlene Bohm,
    00:30:24 Example: Chicken Pox
    00:31:41 "Rife Classic Wand" (is not Rife)
    00:32:41 How much do these devices cost?
    00:33:11 BW21 and BW77 units
    00:34:31 Spooky II machine?
    00:38:39 Billy's "Rife Wand" part 2.
    00:41:55 Pain relief.
    00:43:43 Magnetex ( pain relief device
    00:44:30 40,000 Hz for improved stamina.
    00:45:15 P3 Pro from pulsed technologies.
    00:48:29 Alkaline water, Ph, and the body.
    00:54:24 How is the Rife microscope different from darkfield?
    00:55:09 How does water stay alkaline?
    01:01:31 Rife microscope and Kurt Olbrich
    01:04:00 Kurt Olbrich's "Ergonom" microscopes
    01:06:46 - Peter's humanitarian project.
    01:09:42 Does Nenah's book cover Rife frequencies?
    01:13:02 is an excellent resource for Rife info.
    01:13:36 Q&A: Robert M, GB4000 unit.
    01:18:46 Rife therapy in the USA and Europe.
    01:19:51 OncoTherm - Combines Rife frequencies with hypothermia
    01:20:52 BW21 and BW77 units
    01:25:01 Trinity from biomedis
    01:25:49 Research in Europe vs. USA.
    01:27:14 Spooky claims
    01:27:53 Peter's involvment with Rife
    01:29:28 Doctor in Bingen and the jab.
    01:32:26 Changes made to Nenah's second printing of her 5th book.
    01:35:15 Nenah's "Covid" infection.
    01:38:06 Nenah's website and book.
    01:40:48 Hidden eBook: The Truth about Vaccines
    01:43:05 What is the difference between biofield tuning and Rife?
    01:44:42 Preparing for the experiment
    01:46:36 Promo Video
    01:49:56 Description
    02:03:16 The Experiment
    02:04:48 Reactions
    03:14:00 Announcement on Wednesday's show
    03:14:47 Sunday's Show
    03:18:55 Bonus: Rife Research Laboratory of Royal Raymond Rife


    What Happened on the Rife Special

    The show started on time with an introduction and general chatter on world affairs, in a light-hearted and entertaining way. Nenah joined the show after 10 minutes and there were presentations on Rife by both Nenah and Peter, with Billy moderating. Peter also conducted a LIVE experiment with viewers using a frequency method that can have a positive affect over a live Zoom-Call.

    We invited everyone on the Live meeting to take part in a special experiment that surprised them!
    To take part, you will need two small glasses with clear sides (no patterns, structures, etc.) and a bottle of a bitter tasting drink.
    For example, apple, grapefruit or orange juice, etc. or even whisky. Do not pour the drinks into the glasses until instructed to, and avoid eating or drinking during the show prior to the experiment.

    After the presentations, a Question and Answer section started where many viewers could ask their questions to the panellists. We allow about half of the show to this, to ensure that plenty of people have a chance to get their questions asked. There is no censorship on our show, you could ask your questions by raising your hand on Zoom and waiting to be called.

    Generally, our live shows are about 2 1/2 - 3 hours long.

    Note: Zoom limits these online meetings to 1000 people, if you are late joining, you may not be able to join.

    What does it cost?

    Taking part in Sunday's Rife Special live show was totally free to those in the Rife Community. Just use the Zoom link to join (no registration needed). A recording of the show has now been released here on the Rife Forum.

    If you like the show and would like to take part in future shows, that usually take place on Wednesdays and Sundays at the times given above, the subscription fee is just $5/month or $12.50/quarter. We produce 8 shows a month, so these subscription fees are very low. We have a lot of members that tune in every time. Part of the subscription payments are used to keep the Rife Forum online, as it is currently only paying for some of the costs.

    Watch Previous Shows:

    If you want to see some select previous episodes, to get a feel for the show, here are some good example to look at:

    2022-03-16 The GESARA Show 001 - Wednesday - Our first show

    2022-04-07 The GESARA SHOW 007 - "My Name is Bond, Zim Bond" - Thursday

    2022-04-18 The GESARA Show 010 - Easter Monday - Spirital Special

    2022-05-08 The GESARA Show 016 - Birmingham Special

    2022-06-20, GESARA SHOW 028 - Monday - Magna Carta

    2022-07-03, GESARA SHOW 032 - Sunday - Common Law Special

    2022-08-17, GESARA SHOW 045 - Wednesday - TRUMPSARA

    2022-09-11, GESARA SHOW 052 - Sunday - 9/11 Special

    Good luck and we hope to see you on the GESARA Show.

    Peter Walker and Billy Gillies
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