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Thread: Special Newsletter - July 2021

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    Default Special Newsletter - July 2021

    This is an important newsletter, please read it to the end.

    New: Apply Frequencies like no one has done before.

    We all know devices that use plasma tubes or electrodes to apply frequencies and are usually cumbersome and expensive. A new method is now available that runs as an app on your smartphone, that can significantly improve your wellbeing. It works by using a combination of the flashlight and speaker to impregnate frequencies into water or other beverages and then you either drink the liquid (Hydration) or spray the treated water on yourself (L.I.F.E).

    The Cell-Wellbeing Hydration-App converts water into Exclusion Zone (EZ)-Water that can improve your hydration, improve the taste of your drinks and extend their shelf life. The L.I.F.E App is included at no extra cost and that protects you from EMFs (e.g. Wifi, 4G, 5G, etc.) and much more. Once drunk, the EZ-Water (H3O2) has the ability to help detoxify your cells and improve your energy levels. The extra electrons are a powerful anti-oxidant and help to ground or earth you, which in turn counters the effects of EMFs that have an oxidizing effect. It compliments any existing frequency devices you have.

    The app has been beta-tested by members of the forum and you can see their comments, here.

    Try it out, it costs less than a cup of coffee:

    Social and News Media Censorship
    We are currently going through extraordinary times and I have been observing massive censorship of people that express critical opinions on social media. Many people and groups on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. have been banned and lost their channels simply for fact-based questioning of the official narratives. Many people have just kept quiet and do not know where they can speak freely.

    The Rife Forum fully respects fair and open debate on the condition there are no personal attacks. Feel free to openly discuss the issues at hand without fear of censorship or being banned. At the same time, we are in the process of releasing a lot of important fact-checked information, documents and videos, that we have captured, and have since disappeared from the other major social media platforms. This is possible because we run our own webserver and have a policy of open and balanced discussions.
    Have a look and join in the conversation.

    Having problems Logging into the Forum?
    There are a number of members that have registered to join the forum and are approved, yet then do not login to take part in the forum after registration. We do not know why this happens and sometimes we receive emails asking for assistance logging in, months or even years after they registered. If this applies to you, here are a few tips to help you get started:

    Some people sign up with a username that does not match our standard of first and surname, e.g. "John Crane". When this happens, we correct the username for you. When your account is approved, we send you an email that gives you the correct username.

    Some people simply forget their password and use the lost password function to reset it, here. Sometimes, the password reset does not work and you still cannot login. In this case, simply contact us about this problem and we will manually assign you a new password. This always works.

    Remember Me:
    When you enter your username and password, you can also click on the "Remember Me" option and then your login will be remembered, next time you visit the forum on the same device. This makes it really easy to use the forum, the next time.

    Additional Information:
    We have provided detailed instructions on how to use the forum in the Forum-Announcements section.

    The Rife Forum Needs Your Support!

    The Rife Forum runs independently on its own server and is managed by the admin Peter Walker with the help of some external suppliers. This is the guarantee for free speech, yet the downside is this does incur costs that have to be met. Rather than having lots of intrusive advertising, the forum finances itself almost entirely through the premium subscription service providing extra information and videos for subscribers. In order to counter the censorship on other platforms, we now want to considerably expand the information available with important media that has otherwise disappeared.

    We need $5000 a year to cover our costs, and unfortunately we only received $3146 in 2020 leaving us $1854 short - resulting in our reserves now being depleted. The donation goal for 2021 has therefore been raised to take account of this. We urgently need more funds NOW to keep the forum online.

    You can help as follows:

    1. Get the Hydration and LIFE App: It will cost you $2.50 every 30 days and you can use it immediately. If you like it, demonstrate it to your friends and family. The Rife Forum receives a small commission each month for every member that uses the app. If just 3000 members sign up for the rest of the year, that alone would cover the forum costs. At the same time, the app will help you detoxify, improves your cell-wellbeing and energy levels and your drinks will taste much better, as well! As EZ-Water extends water memory, this also allows conventional resonance therapy to be utilized more effectively.
      If you order the app in July, you can apply for the Rife Forum Early-Bird Bonus.
      https://hydration-app.com or if you speak German: https://hydration-app.de

    2. Sign up for a Premium Subscription: This gives you access to premium videos and documents and we are just about to release a large number of new highly relevant videos and information, that has been censored elsewhere. Click here to subscribe.

    3. You Just Want to Contribute: Use this PayPal link. Every cent will be used wisely to maintain and improve the service - which is more important now than ever before.

    A big thank-you and keep watching the forum - a lot of important posts about the current situation are about to be released.

    Best Wishes

    Peter Walker

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