How do I show a Tweet in my post?

Twitter is a major platform for posting short messages and it is common practice to be able to post tweets in social media.

It is now possible to post tweets on the Rife Forum as well. Just follow this procedure:

  1. Make sure you are using the Advanced Editor (click on 'Go Advanced' at the bottom right of the posting area).
  2. Find the Tweet you want to post and look at the url, e.g.:
  3. Now copy the number at the end of the tweet into your message, e.g.: 1291166359544565761
  4. Now select that number and click on the Twitter button: Name:  twitter.gif
Views: 681
Size:  978 Bytes
  5. The number is then enclosed in the TWEET tags: [TWEET]1291166359544565761[/TWEET]
  6. You can use Preview to see the actual tweet displayed
  7. When you save your post, the respective tweet will be displayed in your post.