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Thread: How to Subscribe to the Premium Area or Donate to the Forum

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    Default How to Subscribe to the Premium Area or Donate to the Forum

    This forum is financed through membership subscription, that gives you in return access to the Premium Area with special content.

    The subscription system has been recently improved to be effective immediately and also allow debit or credit card payments.

    Here is how to subscribe:

    1. Click on the Donate Now button

    2. Select the duration you wish to subscribe for (in this example, $10 for 1 Month).
    One Time Premium Membership will automatically expire after the selected time. It will NOT auto-renew.
    Recurring Premium Membership will automatically auto-renew with the same sum.
    Simple Donation Form will give you a one-time subscription via PayPal in one step.

    3. Once you have selected the correct duration and sum, click on the Donate button

    4. You can can choose if you wish to pay via PayPal or with your debit or credit card

    5a. If you choose PayPal, you are taken to PayPal to complete the payment.

    5b. If you choose Credit Card, you can now fill in your Full Name, Credit or debit card number, Expiry date and CVC security code. When correct, click on the big green button to pay.

    6. You will receive a PM message telling you the payment will be checked. Once payment is confirmed (often within seconds), you will receive another PM confirming your subscription.

    7. That is all, you can now visit the Premium Area and access the exclusive content. Thank-you for subscribing and supporting the Rife Forum.

    Are there any other alternative ways of donating to the Rife Forum?

    Yes, a quick and easy way of donating to the Rife Forum via PayPal is to go to our PayPal donation page (Note: This will NOT automatically subscribe you to the Premium Area. If you wish us to manually give you a subscription, leave a note giving us your User name):

    1. Click on and on that page, enter the sum to donate and click on Next

    2. After logging into PayPal, you will have the opportunity to Add a note to us. As there is no physical product, you do not need Buyer Protection. Then click on Continue

    3. Select how you want to pay, and click Next

    4. A summary is displayed and you have a second opportunity to leave us a note. When all is correct, click on the "Send Money Now" button to make a payment.

    5. You will see this confirmation page - thank-you.

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