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Thread: The Rife Forum Newsletter - November 2018

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    Default The Rife Forum Newsletter - November 2018

    Welcome to the November 2018 Rife Forum Newsletter!



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    Welcome to our November 2018 newsletter. It has been almost a year since our last newsletter and a number of things have happened since then. In previous newsletters, we sent the entire newsletter out via email to all members that had signed up for it. This time, we are placing the newsletter online and just sending a short email out to the members to inform where they can read it online. That way, we can ensure that it appears properly for everyone and that we do not clutter your inbox so much. Let us know in the comments if you think this is a good strategy for future newsletters.
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    New privacy policy to meet European laws
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    If you are living in Europe, you will have noticed your inbox being flooded with messages about the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how everybody has just updated their privacy policies on their website.

    This is due to the introduction of a major new law that affects every website in Europe and the rest of the world, if they sell anything into Europe. With massive fines for non-compliance of 20 million Euros or 4% of world revenue, whichever is higher, companies have a lot of incentive to follow the new rules.

    If you run a website that sells any goods or services into Europe, you have to take this seriously, even if your business is not located in Europe. The massive fines for not complying are not worth the risk. Getting this right is not that easy, either. I had to spend a few weeks working this all out and updating the Rife Forum, and the many other websites I run, to comply. It is not just a matter of extending the privacy policy, you have obligations to explain all the privacy relevant services you use and explain how to opt-out in plain language.

    The members of the Rife Forum now have to accept our updated privacy policy before you can access the forum again (if you have visited the forum since May 25, 2018, you have already done this). This is actually a good thing as is makes you aware of your privacy settings and gives you more control of what information we store about you. When you visit our forum, you are simply asked to click on a "Yes" button to approve the new policy. Then you can access the forum normally.
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    What happened to the German ResiWave BW21/BW77 frequency devices?
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    There were a lot of legal issues between the original makers of the BW21 and BW77 units and another company that now make a clone of that unit. Without going into all the details, this has resulted in the discontinuation of the BW21/BW77 units and closure of the Medi-Gen company, that made those units. The brand-name "BioWave" was also lost and is now being used by that other company. It is therefore no longer permitted to refer to the old units with that term, use BW21 or BW77 instead.

    The good news is that the engineer (Peter Franke), who designed those units, now works for the Institut Dr. Rilling in Germany and they have now released a new range of units that can be seen as the successor to the BW21/BW77.
    The Vegetstream is the updated BW21, the Vegatmed has been upgraded with tesla coils and the Vegetharmony has tesla coils and diamonds to provide more effective and clean frequencies. Existing Chip-Cards can be upgraded to work on the new units.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	VEGET_Series.jpg 
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    I have not yet had a chance to test any of these new units. They are fully med CE certified (which means that European doctors and clinics can use them and the costs can be covered by medical insurance in Europe). As Dr. Rilling is also present on the US market, it is possible that these units will be marketed there in future. The BW21/BW77 units have been widely used by European doctors to treat many thousands of patients in Europe. There is a significant amount of experience backing the use of these units and the new range will allow this technology to continue, despite the unfortunate legal issues. The new units are a little more expensive that the BW-units, as they make use of new technologies to improve penetration and produce cleaner signals. These units are widely used in Europe by professional doctors and clinics and there is a lot of well documented data confirming the effectiveness. For example, I have seen reports where even the symptoms of Lyme disease were relieved, in most patients, in a matter of weeks. More on that in the coming weeks on the forum. Note: I am reporting on this as I personally use these devices and have gained experience with them. I have not been paid in any way to discuss these units, here.
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    Biophysical Medicine
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    Biophysical medicine is a form of resonance therapy, developed by the German medical doctor Stefan Rastocny, that treats people with the BW21, or the new Vegat units, for a wide range of diseases. Dr. Rastocny has developed a complete protocol for diagnosing and treating patients using frequencies (usually in the 100-500 kHz range) that he has determined through his own research. He uses one of the microscopes marketed by Grayfield Optical in order to check the accuracy of his frequencies. He has personally treated many thousands of patients and maintains good records in order to help him further refine his treatments. He has now started to offer training sessions for practitioners that want to learn his methods. He has already released a German language book about his methods and Peter Walker has translated that book into English, which is due to be released soon.
    His methods are well proven and documented. I have personally referred about 60 patients to his practice and nearly always received positive feedback, e.g. he was able to resolve the patient's issues. He is strongly in favour of a vegan lifestyle as omitting all dairy products is an important part of the treatment. More details will be released on the forum in the coming months, starting when the English version of his book has been released (translation is complete).
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    New fifth edition of The Rife Handbook has been released.

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Name:	Rife-2018-5th-Ed-3D-cover.png 
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ID:	4022
    After many years, the new Rife Handbook 5th Edition is finally going to press! This book of 1104 pages--350 pages more than the previous edition--is completely revised, expanded, and rewritten. (thinner paper was used so its weight and thickness will be similar to the prior volume.)

    You can read free excerpts on Nenah's website to see what it's about. The printed/bound hardcover book will be ready sometime in December or early January of 2019; but the eBooks are available now.
    More details can be found here.
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    DNA Frequencies website has been modernized

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    Char Boehm spent years of her life, scientifically researching the link between DNA and resonance frequencies. The method she developed, provides precise frequencies to devitalize pathogens using frequencies calculated from DNA. Many hundreds of people, who have used her frequencies, have reported excellent results. If you need the frequencies to treat a specific pathogen, she only charges a modest fee for calculating and providing it to you.
    Her website has received a much-needed facelift, making it smartphone friendly and SSL secured. This is a highly recommended source for effective frequencies when you know which pathogens you are up against. In order to order her frequencies, make sure you read the "How to Order" page first, in order to avoid any confusion.
    More details here.
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    Rife Shop website to be further expanded

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Name:	rife-shop-logo-250.jpg 
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    The Rife Shop is actually not a shop, but a "Rife" related links directory. It links to an ever increasing number of relevant websites associated with Rife research, devices, publications, etc. as well as other interesting websites. A basic entry for relevant websites is currently free, but we encourage those with commercial websites to upgrade their entries. If your website has not been added yet, please tell us about it so that we can add your website to the queue of entries waiting to be added. Please add a link from your website to the Rife Shop, which can then replace any list of links to other websites on your website.
    We are adding an objective review of each website we link to, helping our visitors get a better idea of the quality of each website. Our statistics show that being to from our website result in hundreds of visitors to the various websites. The more people link to the Rife Shop, the more we all profit from increased traffic and visibility. Being found is a very important aspect of every website, particularly in today's environment of censorship (see below).
    Advertising fees have been drastically reduced to encourage more websites to sign up or to come to some kind of affiliate agreement. Any proceeds are used to help finance and expand the various Rife related research associated with the Rife Forum. More on this below.
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    Rife Forum Video Channel
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Name:	RFvideologo.png 
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    We are planning to start our own video channel for the Rife Forum. The aim is to have a series of video interviews with prominent members of the Rife world, allowing them to discuss their work and discuss the world of Rife Research. The videos will be made available to members with a premium subscription and we hope to start with the first videos in January 2019. If you want to appear on this channel, please contact Peter Walker so that we can arrange a time for the recording.

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    Inactive Members - Come and join the fun!
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    It has come to my attention that there are quite a few members that have gone to the trouble of joining the forum, yet then either never come back, only occasionally visit or simply read, but do not post. I find this often puzzling, particularly when they go to a lot of trouble to describe their problems to me when joining. Are you one of these inactive members? The Rife Forum is full of a large number of highly interesting posts, on a wide range of topics. If you cannot find an answer to your specific question, you can simply post your questions, yourself. We have a number of excellent people here, who are very good at helping others. The Rife Forum is a vast resource of information on a wide range of topics.
    Could it be that you have simply forgotten your login details? Your username will always be your first and last name with a space in between, e.g. "Peter Walker"
    Forgotten your password, or it does not work - you have some other issue - you can contact me and I will do my best to get you online again.
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    Internet Censorship
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ID:	4023

    A very worrying trend is the increasing censorship of non-mainstream news and views by the big-tech companies like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. While this has been most widely reported on for the widespread censoring of conservative viewpoints, this has also been affecting alternative health groups with many thousands of Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and YouTube channels having already been deleted or shadow banned and most famously, the Natural News YouTube channel has been deleted. It is vital that any alternative medicine groups, include Rife related ones like ours, not rely on any of these big-tech platforms. We strongly advise against using WordPress for your website as well. Luckily, the Rife Forum runs on its own servers, but we are suffering from a lack of funding which could also result in us going offline. We have opened a new section on the Rife Forum to discuss Internet Censorship and you will find a lot more on the topic, there. Free speech has always been respected on the Rife Forum and we welcome it.

    New alternative social media platforms, that respect freedom of speech, are,, and as replacements for Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, respectively.
    Mike Adam’s of Natural News setup the video website to replace his censored “Natural News” YouTube channel. He has since renamed his video service to As it is relevant to the alternative health topic of our forum, we have added a new code for embedding such videos on the forum.

    For example, if you want to post the video found at:

    You can embed the video in your post with: [brighteon]5810411925001[/brighteon]

    Although the Rife Forum runs on its own platform, preventing its content from being censored by those wanting to suppress opinions, we are not easily found on the search machines as Google has reduced our search ranking in line with a general downranking of alternative health websites. As this problem not only affects the Rife Forum, we recently started the Rife Shop website which aims to link to all relevant Rife Related websites. We ask all those running such websites to let us know if your website is not yet listed and also to add links on your websites back to, and as well. By linking to each other’s websites, we all gain from more traffic and visitors. Instead of having to build and maintain your own links page, you can now just refer to the website, instead.
    Due to strict laws preventing manufacturers of health equipment from advertising on a platform that discusses the health effectiveness of their equipment, we cannot simply ask the makers of such devices to sponsor the forum.
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    Urgent: Help us to keep the Rife Forum online
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Name:	donate1.png 
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ID:	4028
    We run the Rife Forum on a shoestring budget, but there are costs that have to be met in order to pay for server costs, software, licencing, hiring technical assistance, upgrades and improvements and much more.

    As the Rife Forum runs on our own platform and without advertising, we are dependant on member subscriptions to cover our operating costs, as we do not sell any Rife related products to offset costs. Unfortunately, we are already in November with just 46% of our costs for this year covered. It has been costing me a lot of my own person funds, just to keep the forum online, it is therefore vital to improve the forum’s funding to avoid it going offline. Your help is urgently needed. Unfortunately, advertising is not a good option as legal restraints prevent device manufacturers from advertising on our platform. Ad blockers also prevent many people from even seeing such ads.
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    Updated Subscription System
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Name:	stripe-credit-cards-edited-750x347.png 
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    In order to improve the situation, we have just added the Stripe payment service so that we can accept Credit Card payments for subscriptions. Many people have been asking for this over the years, and now it is working. The forum’s donation system has been significantly improved over the past year as follows:

    • Premium subscriptions are now fully automated, which means that you gain immediate access to the premium area as soon as your payment has been made.
    • Many people have complained about our only accepting payments via PayPal. We have therefore made it possible to subscribe with just your debit or credit card.
    • Do you have a video or audio recording that would be of interest to the members? Are you prepared to donate it for use in the premium area, as we certainly need some more new content? We also plan on creating more of our own video content as well.
    • You can subscribe here on a desktop computer
    • On a mobile device, we currently only support PayPal subscriptions.
      Click here to subscribe on a mobile device.

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    Peter's new online Shop
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	gadgetheavenlogo.200.png 
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ID:	4030
    Peter Walker has setup a new online shop, where part of the profits will be used to help finance the Rife Forum. It is called Gadget Heaven and concentrates on marketing a range of unusual, yet useful gadgets for home, travel, technology, photography and video. While none of the products are Rife related, please visit the shop where you will find a number of unusual ideas for yourself or as gifts for the festive season. Most products are offered with free worldwide shipping. You can use the discount code “rifeforum” for a 10% discount on all products (min. order $50) until the end of November.
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    Send us your news...
    Now that the technical issues, that plagued the Rife Forum in the past year, are more or less resolved, we want to get back to reporting on Rife related events and sending out our newsletter more often and starting our video channel. If you have a story or report that needs to be told, submit it to us for release.
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    The Rife Forum on Facebook
    The world of social media has changed a lot since we started the forum in 2002. We also have a Rife Forum page on Facebook as a means of reaching a new audience and spreading the word about how Rife technology can help people. If you use Facebook, you can find our page here:
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    Comet Chat system to talk to other members, live.
    We have had an instant messaging system, on the Rife Forum for many years. This allows users to communicate directly with others who are online at the same time. The messages are stored in the Rife Forum database, not with an external provider. In line with the new privacy laws, you can now opt in or out of this, at any time. Note that new members are no longer opted-in by default. If you do not see a blue "Chats" bar at the bottom right of the page, you need to opt-in, first.

    To switch Comet Chat off (opt-out): just go to this page, select Comet Chat and "Leave Group" and finally click on the "Leave Group" button. The blue "Chats" bar will then disappear.

    To switch Comet Chat on (opt-in): just go to this page, select Comet Chat and "Join Group" and finally click on the "Join Group" button. The blue "Chats" bar will then appear on the bottom right of the page.

    If you temporarily do not want to be disturbed: Simply change your status to “Busy” or “Invisible”. This is done by first clicking on the blue Chats bar, click on the three dots at the top and then select your online status. There are a number of other options available there, too.

    Translation Tool:
    If you speak another language and are struggling with reading the posts in English, Comet Chat has a translation tool.
    1. Click on the blue Chats bar on the bottom right
    2. Click on the three dots at the top of the page
    3. Scroll down to "Translate Page" and click on it.
    4. A window appears listing various languages - click on your language.
    5. The tool will now translate the pages into your language.

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    Having Problems logging in?
    With all the changes that have been made, including the switch to being a secure website (https), it is possible that the cookies on your computer might be confused and prevent you from properly logging in. If that happens, you will find instructions on how to fix that, here:
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    Thank-you for reading this newsletter and we welcome articles you may have for our next one planned for early 2019. If you have not been to the Rife Forum for a while, then let us welcome you back where you will find a massive wealth of shared information about Rife methods and technology and much more.
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