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Thread: The Rife Forum Newsletter - December 2017

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    Default The Rife Forum Newsletter - December 2017

    The Rife Forum is back!

    After a longer than planned upgrade process, I am glad to announce that the Rife Forum is now back online: https://www.rifeforum.com

    I am not going to bore you with all the problems and reasons why the upgrade took so long, the important thing is that there are a number of new features and improvements that make it much easier and better for you, than ever before:

    • Smartphone Friendly: The forum is now fully optimized for your smartphone, tablet, netbook, desktop computer, etc. However you access the Internet, the forum should work for you. If you prefer using an app, the Rife Forum can now be accessed via the TapaTalk app.
    • Secure SSL: The Rife Forum, rife.de and the Rife Shop are now all fully secured websites with SSL protection (can be recognized by green https: URLs). This means that when you are writing posts or entering data, nobody between you and the forum can see what you type.
    • Online Videos: In the past, we used Real-Player and flash technologies to stream audio and video content to you. These required extra drivers and often did not play at all on mobile devices. We have now upgraded all our audio and video content to be played with the modern html5 standard, the most up-to-date and current streaming technology that simply works on all devices including Apple, Android, Mac, Windows, etc. They all understand the html5 standard. There are no special players or drivers to install, it just works, simply press the play button.
    • Easier to add Videos: If you want to add a video from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion or Facebook to your posts, it is now much easier. Just click on the video icon when writing a post, add the url of the video and click on OK. Full instructions can be found here. https://www.rifeforum.com/forum/thre...Forum-Messages
    • Nicer, more descriptive URLs: As you just saw in the previous bullet point, the forum's web addresses just got easier to understand.
    • Facebook integration: Do you want to login via Facebook? Be able to make posts visible on your Facebook page and more. You can link your Facebook account here. With the new forum engine, Facebook has been integrated to be used by those that want to use it. If not, no worries, you do not need a Facebook account to use the Rife Forum. We will keep your user data secure and never sell your personal details to third parties.
    • No annoying Adverts: The Rife Forum is funded by user donations and as long as we are able to meet our costs that way, we will keep the forum free of banner advertising. This also allows us to remain independent and fair. All the main discussion areas remain free of charge for all. For those that donate, we have a large and attractive Premium Area full of interesting audio and video recordings. We plan to add a lot of new video content during 2018.
    • Auto Saving of your posts: Have you tried to write a long post and just before posting it, something went wrong like you lost the internet connection, your computer crashed or you had a power outage and all your work disappeared! You had to start again from the beginning - really annoying! It has certainly happened to me in the past, but no more. While writing new posts, the forum regularly auto-saves what you have written, so if anything goes wrong, you can restore your unposted work from the last auto-save and then complete and post it properly. A real time saver. https://www.rifeforum.com/forum/content.php
    • Articles: Did you write this really great post about an important topic, but it is buried as post #45 in a thread with hundreds of posts? Your important posts should be seen, so we have introduced a new feature: Articles! Just go to that important post and look at the bottom left for a new button: "Promote to Article." With that, you can not only post your articles under the "Home" button, you can also post to Facebook as well. You can even decide if your name is shown and if the article is to be visible to the public or just members only, it's PERFECT! By default, your new articles are published automatically after two days. This gives the admin a chance to check it and you the chance to make corrections. No need to create your own website to publish your work, release it on the forum, instead. https://www.rifeforum.com/forum/content.php
    • Blogs: Need a place to state your opinion, without having to setup your own website? Use our blog system to have your own special area to talk “Rife”. You decide if your posts are seen publicly, or just by members only. https://www.rifeforum.com/forum/blog.php
    • Links: Do you remember that old links section. Like on so many websites, just to a few select websites, some of the links were broken, poorly maintained, etc. Lots of important websites not even listed. Google, Facebook and Twitter have already started to change their algorithms to prioritize the mainstream narrative and make it harder to find alternative viewpoints, particularly for news and alternative medicine. That is another major reason why we need our own search engine for the websites that are relevant to us. It was time to make a change and as this was so important, it got moved to its own website. We encourage everyone with their own website, to link to https://www.rifeshop.com and let us know you have. That will encourage us to prioritize the link to your website, too. Having one major links directory will help us all find our respective websites, more easily. A basic link on the Rife Shop to your website is free, with options to highlight it as desired. The plan is to link to as many relevant Rife related websites as possible. Not just a link, detailed information, images, videos, technical data and all importantly a five-star rating and an independent review of each website. A lot of websites have already been added and we have about 100 websites on our list just waiting to be added. It is already the most comprehensive Rife links directory and will get better, over the coming months, as we add more and more websites. If your favourite website is not listed yet, you can even suggest it on the website. During 2018, it will also be expanded to present and review Rife related products. Check it out, today: https://www.rifeshop.com

    It is great to finally have the forum running again and working well.

    Thanks for reading our special December 2017 newsletter. We wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season, or as we say here – A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Best wishes

    Peter Walker
    The Rife Forum
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