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welcome to this short Rife Forum Newsletter for July 2017.

I know you guys want to hear some real Rife related news, but this past month was spent fighting the spammers. I will try to make it as interesting as possible and hopefully we can get back to real "Rife-related" news for next month's newsletter.

June Newsletter was "Lost in Space"

First of all, although I did send out the June newsletter last month, to the over 11100 members that have subscribed to the newsletter, yet only a few of you (just under 2000) actually received it.

Let me explain. On June 1, when the newsletter went out, our webserver was hacked within the hour by spammers on a totally different unrelated domain that shares the same webserver. There are several websites hosted on that webserver and one of those, run by my brother, had the password of a legitimate email address, hacked. This allowed spammers to misuse that email address to start sending out thousands of spam emails. The first I heard of it was when complaints came in about such spam. I immediately looked into it and this time it was only one email account that had been affected. As soon as the password was changed, the spamming stopped, but by then, many thousands of spam emails had been sent. This is the first time this has happened since I started the forum in 2002 and it is rather strange that it should happen just an hour after the newsletter started going out!!!

So although the Rife Forum members were great and respected the fact that we were sending them a legitimate newsletter, the spamming attack on that different domain (that shares the same IP-address) made sure that most of our emails were also blocked by all anti-spam email systems.

As all emails from the forum were being blocked, this effectively brought the forum to a standstill as nobody was being informed about new posts; new members were not receiving activation emails, etc. The only people hearing from the forum were those that visited it online. Our IP address was now on lots of blacklists and it has been a full-time job getting this fixed and there are still a couple that have not yet delisted us.

The Solution - Amazon!

Most people know Amazon as the company that delivers all kinds of products to your door. They also provide an email delivery service that enables forums and businesses to send out mass-emails that are delivered, much more reliably. We have now signed up for this service and all Rife Forum emails are being delivered by Amazon. This is our first newsletter to use this service and we hope to be able to send out monthly newsletters in future that will have much more interesting topics than this one.

What you Missed!

Although you might have missed the email, you can still read the June Newsletter online. It is well worth reading, as we covered a number of interesting topics:

Topics of Rife Forum June Newsletter:
  • Independent Rife Device Testing Project
  • We need your help, now!
  • The historic "John Crane Report" has been almost fully restored!
  • SSL Security Improvements
  • The Rife Wiki
  • Major new Project for 2017 - Device Testing
  • The Rife Forum on Facebook
  • Forum Software Upgrade urgently needed.
  • Comet Chat system updated and can be switched off.
  • Having Problems logging in?

No sign-in necessary to read it, just click on this link:

One issue that is worth mentioning again is that of updating the Rife Forum Software.
vBulletin (the makers of the forum software) currently have a special offer allowing upgrades to be made for a 50% discount until June 30 – that is today, Friday. We need the vBulletin 5.0 Connect upgrade which will cost $209 (- 50% = $104.50) or even better with the Mobile Bundle for $359 (-50% = $179.50). They will add sales tax to that which will add another 19%, but all the same – it is a tremendous offer for a much needed face lift for the forum. The problem is, we need the money now, within 24 hours to take advantage of this offer. Due to the numerous technical problems that have affected us this year, the forum account is empty so we really need your donations if we are to get this forum updated and pay the regular server costs.
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If not, I will really have to start introducing advertising on the forum again, at least until the finances are in better shape.

In order to contribute to the costs of the forum software renewal, please simply make a donation here: or alternatively send a donation via PayPal to

The new forum software will work much better on smartphones and tablets and be more secure against hacking, etc. I really want to concentrate on providing good Rife-related news stories for you and want to put the technical issues behind us. That is why this upgrade is so necessary.

I have a lot of good ideas for revitalizing Rife research on this forum, please read the June Newsletter for some of those ideas.

What motivates Peter Walker to run this forum, etc.
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What motivates me to work so hard on this forum is the memory of my father Ian Walker, who I tried to help battle cancer back in 1994, but information about Rife was hard to come by back then. With all the knowledge I have gained since then, I could have at least prolonged his life, perhaps even stopped the cancer. I feel strongly that independent reliable information should be available for others. While most manufactures do fine work helping people, they will always be biased towards their equipment. The forum has been a principle place for people to learn about the various options available and I would like to expand on that with proper device testing, neutral, independent and transparent.

To learn more about that project, see our special page and if you think the project is worthwhile, you can help to get it started. Learn more, here:

Articles Needed!

Do you have a Rife-related article that should be made known to our members? We are looking for good stories for our upcoming monthly newsletters and there are no bigger mailing lists than ours, in the Rife Community. Your article needs to be factual, accurate and of interest to the Rife community. It should be non-commercial in nature. Please submit your articles to Peter Walker on this forum and the best ones could also be added to the very popular website as well!

Let us make "Rife Research" Great Again!
(Sorry, I could not resist writing that – for our democratic friends, let me add: "Yes, we can!")

That is all for this month’s newsletter. Thanks a lot and I hope to have a much more interesting newsletter, next month.