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    Lightbulb The Rife Forum Newsletter - July 2013!

    The Rife Forum Newsletter - July 2013!
    Latest news from the Rife Forum - www.rifeforum.com

    Welcome to the July 2013 Rife Forum Newsletter!

    Dear Member,

    We have not released a newsletter since March 2010 so this edition is more than overdue. A number of things have happened in the Rife world since then and I hope to start catching up on them. The plan is to release a newsletter more often, hopefully once every two months and/or whenever there is a good reason to release one as with this newsletter. If you feel you have a story that should be talked about in this newsletter, please submit it for review.

    Here is a quick summary of this newsletter:

    • (Rife) Congress for Frequency and Regulatory Medicine in Germany. An important and highly interesting congress takes place this month in Germany. For the first time, this congress is open to English speaking visitors. Peter Walker, who runs www.rife.de and www.rifeforum.com will be hosting the English language parts of this congress in association with the organizers, Information4Life Ltd.
    • Anthony Holland announced a breakthrough in Rife Research, This is an important announcment that shows that Rife therapy is one step closer to scientific acceptance. Even more surprising is that this research happened in the USA.
    • Historical Rife mailing list archives made available again Do you remember the original rife-list run by Gary Hawkins and later Bob Howard back in the 1990s and early 2000s?
    • Interesting Pages on the Rife Wiki which has been slowly building up as a free and independant wikipedia on the world of Rife and Rife related technologies. We have a look at some of the articles already released.
    • Keep your Email Account Updated on the Rife Forum to avoid Deletion! We are constantly updating our user accounts that are either unused or the given email account was no longer valid. We will tell you how you can avoid your account being deleted.

    I hope you enjoy this newsletter and please feel free to discuss the issues raised on the forum.

    You are receiving this because you are a registered member of the Rife Forum. If you would prefer not to receive such newsletters in future, you will find unsubscription info at the end of this email.

    I plan to release the next newsletter in September 2013 where I will report on the German congress.


    Peter Walker


    Congress for Frequency and Regulatory Medicine
    20 - 21 July 2013 - Munich, Germany

    First of all, the most important story, first. An important "Rife" Congress is taking place in Munich, Germany. This yearly event has been taking place since 2008 due to the large number of practicioners using frequency therapy equipment in Germany and many other European countries. In 2008, I was one of the speakers and that talk is available to watch online. Although I am British, I held that talk in German and you can see that video here.

    In previous years, this has been a purely German language event making it difficult for non-English speakers to attend. This year for the first time, the organizers (Information4Life Ltd) decided to try offering English as an option at the congress so that they can open up the congress to a wider international audience. They therefore asked me (Peter Walker) to host the English language part of the event and also help to provide some kind of simultanious translation during the congress, where the speakers do not speak English themselves. I am used to doing this in my job running Grayfield Optical where the customers are often English speaking only and Kurt Olbrich (who designed the microscopes) only speaks German. I would therefore be pleased to greet a number of English speaking people at the congress this year. If this is successful, next year more of the talks will be in English with English speaking lecturers being invited, too.

    They certainly have an impressive lineup of lecturers this year making this a congress well worth attending. I have met most of them personally and Dr Rastocny is now my personal doctor. Note that the talks will be held in German with English translations where necessary. Most of the lecturers speak English so there will be plenty of opportunity to speak to them directly. I will be availble throughout the weekend to assist with any language related issues.

    Speakers and Topics:

    Peter Franke: Electronics-engineer for medical devices, gives trainings and seminars, medical product advisor, CEO of Medi-Gen Technology Ltd.

    Topic: The electricity of the human body - Healing and dangers of electromagnetic waves.

    All functions of the human body are controlled electrically, e.g. the heartbeat, nerves, brain waves, etc. Even chemical reactions are electrical processes caused by electrically charged particles such as protons and electrons. Due to the effects of electromagnetic waves on people, both the advantages of energy medicine and the dangers of electrosmog are presented, which have until now, rarely been discussed in this context.

    Dr. med. Stephan Rastocny: Licensed to practice medicine in Germany since 1987. Approved exam as specialist OB/GYN at gynaecological hospital, Giessen. Passed the Canadian and Chilean medical exams. Medical activities in various clinics, including as a senior attending physician, as well as in medical practices in Germany and Chile.

    Topic: Parasites - acute and chronic health hazards.

    The importance of disease-causing parasites is underestimated by both laymen and therapists. Within conventional medicine, parasites are considered rare exotics. With precise testing and treatment, it has been found that the causes of many acute and chronic diseases are either purely parasitic, or at least found as an accompanying infection. Parasitic infections are neither a myth nor an unsolvable problem. The results of nine-years of clinical-therapeutic research, during the treatment of parasites in a biophysical practice, will be presented.

    Topic: Therapy with special frequencies to target specific bacteria and tumour cells

    A newly developed and innovative treatment approach with specific frequencies is introduced and presented using clinical individual case studies.

    Dr. Heinz Reinwald: Entrepreneur and non-medical practitioner with practices in West Munich and Bayreuth, partner network, developing his own metabolic program on the basis of MAP (Dr Reinwald metabolic regulation).

    Topic: The ketogenic diet with MAP (Master Amino Acid Pattern) in hepatic encephalopathy and seizures

    In the 1920s, the ketogenic diet was the treatment of choice for seizure sufferers, before it was replaced by easier-to-use pharmaceuticals. It was not until the 1990s, that this form of diet was brought back into use by dedicated nutritionists, who were looking for alternatives for the treatment of drug-resistant patients. About the same time, it was discovered that this form of very low-carbohydrate diet, leads to very good results in cancer therapy. What has been ignored to date, however, is the discovery of the Master Amino Acid Pattern, an amino acid pattern that produces virtually no nitrogen waste in its utilization. This opens up possibilities in the treatment of seizures, hepatic encephalopathy as well as in carcinogenic processes allowing for entirely new nutrient-based therapy-accompanying measures.

    Topic: Outlook for Cancer:

    The understanding of biological laws, the combination of classical naturopathy with modern biophysical methods, such as micro-current therapy, as well as the knowledge of resistance mechanisms of tumour cells and other immunological events, as well as recent research findings from quantum physics, embryology and nutritional medicine, offer effective diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for the holistic medicine of tomorrow.

    This therapy method moves back into focus, that which has long been regarded as outdated and speculative. In particular, the recent award of the Nobel Prize for Medicine to cell biologists Gurdon and Yamanaka for research into differentiation and re-differentiation of cells, shows that even after decades of dogma in conventional medicine, such as the one where stem cells develop into tissue cells, have to be redefined. The dogma of the linearity for developments in biological systems, gives way to the realization of thinking in cycles, as have long been shown by Laozi and Enderlein to be the centre-point of biological processes, although vehemently opposed. "Back to the beginning," it said in the headlines. Therefore, the current development in stem cell research and immunology provides new opportunities for cooperation.

    Knut Henning: EAV consultant since 1988, seminar lecturer for EAV as well as technical advisor and partner of IMGEAV (International Medical Society for Electro-acupuncture according to Voll).

    Topic: Intolerances / allergies from a systemic point of view

    A faster intolerance test, for use in the daily practice, uses the bioenergetic system for diagnostics (EAV = Electro acupuncture according to Voll). There will be an explanation of the measurement points used to test for allergies and the ability to test for allergens. Can the conceptual model of energetic system circuits be used to prevent allergies and is a long-term success possible with chronically ill patients?

    Topic: Parasites as a cause of systemic immune disease under consideration of the causal chain: colon, lung.

    A testing strategy will be presented, naming the measurement points and the test substances required for bioenergetic system diagnostics (EAV). It will be shown how it is technically possible to measure and determine whether a chronic skin disease is symptomatic or causal reasons are present. The concept idea, using medical history, is based on the example of the Meridian vascular circulation.

    Peter Schmalzl: Training in microbiology, psycho-somatic energetics, international experience in the Netherlands / France. Specialised in treatment of Borrelia. Advisor for therapists and doctors in the field of alternative medicine and frequency therapy.

    Topic: Mucus-impaired fluid metabolism caused by Firmicutes in the intestines

    In traditional Chinese medicine, phlegm is considered as an important and common cause of various diseases. Mucus is always, for differing reasons, the result of a misadjusted fluid metabolism. The latest research results in frequency therapy are presented with new treatment programs.

    Topic: Psychosomatic - with its polarity and the 4 elements

    Diagnostic healing is the ethereal life force that is transformed into fine and coarse material. Differing body characters give reason to treat, e.g. body shape, skin colour, eye colour, pulse diagnosis soft or hard. Urine and skin colour etc. are added together to form an overall picture.

    Topic: Neurotransmitters - brain nerves and the relationship to addictions

    A lack of physical processing of stimuli, leads to them "taking full effect" and "affecting the psyche in an uncontrolled way", which is then completely overwhelmed and starts looking for "escape routes." This often expresses itself, in the social environment, as completely incomprehensible behaviour and this phenomenon is partially comparable with those of physical withdrawal or even with mental disorders.

    This behaviour usually continues until the body's production and release of these neurotransmitters are working again in a balanced way and adequate supply of them is reinstated. The speaker shows a new development in frequency therapy.

    Florian Schilling: Non-medical practitioner in private practice since 2006. Attended many professional training courses in the areas of TCM, detoxification therapy, tumour therapy, redox and acid-base regulation. Lecturer at the Paracelsus School of Munich and director of the Institute for Nonlinear System Analysis INLSA.

    Topic: Characteristics of the tumour cell metabolism - preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches

    According to the Warburg - hypothesis, tumour cells have typical metabolic characteristics. These can be determined by simple laboratory methods. Thus individual risk profiles can be created both in terms of primary disease and recurrence and therapeutic measures are adjusted accordingly. At the same time, this typical form of tumour cell metabolism offers several promising approaches in biological tumour therapy. The aim of the lecture is to give an overview of the current capabilities and development goals.

    Micro-current therapy offers, via the stimulation of mitochondrial ATP - synthesis, valuable opportunities for parallel restoration of mitochondrial disease often present in tumour patients. Beyond tumour reduction itself, this approach offers the possibility to get out of the chronic fermentation metabolism (Warburg) and back into the physiological aerobic cellular metabolism.

    In market research with hundreds of therapists and medical practicioners, they found the topics covered by this congress to be highly relevant and provides valuable expertise.

    The event also marks the 15th anniversary of Medi-gen, the company which manufacturers the BioWave devices featured at this congress. Those registering for the event before 10 July, will be given a 50 Euro voucher towards any of the BioWave related products.

    Important when booking the hotel room, the special rate is only available for bookings made by July 1, 2013.

    For more details and registration, please visit the websites setup for this event.

    http://www.rife.de/congress (English)
    http://www.rife.de/kongress (German)

    If you are able to get to the congress, I look forward to seeing you there...

    Peter Walker


    Anthony Holland announced a breakthrough in Rife Research



    Novobiotronics Inc., a nonprofit educational and scientific research company headquartered in upstate New York, has announced a major breakthrough in the fight against dangerous antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria including the ‘superbug’ fatal menace of MRSA, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, or PS.

    Anthony Holland, President of Novobiotronics Inc., Saratoga Springs, NY, was proud to announce the results of laboratory experiments by Novobiotronics in collaboration with the State University of New York throughout 2011 & 2012, that indicate that a 'Rife-Bare Plasma Device' was highly effective against antibiotic resistant PS and MRSA, having both a ‘bacteriostatic’ effect (the growth rate of the deadly strain was tremendously slowed) as well as a bactericidal effect (it kills the bacteria) when used in conjunction with tiny amounts of standard antibiotics to which the deadly organisms are otherwise normally resistant.

    According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 90,000 people die each year in the United States from antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections, more deaths than breast cancer and prostrate cancer combined. MRSA is now “endemic, and even epidemic in many US hospitals”. From 1999 through 2005, MRSA-related hospitalizations more than doubled from 127,036 to 278,203. It appears that more people in the U.S. now die from the mostly hospital-acquired staph infection MRSA than from AIDS. In addition to deadly MRSA outbreaks in communities across the country, of the two million hospital acquired infections each year, 10% are caused by the antibiotic resistant Pseudomonas (PS), which can often lead to life threatening intensive care unit (ICU) pneumonia and other serious medical conditions.

    The current mainstream medical treatment of antibiotic resistant bacterial infections has been to use different types of antibiotics in combinations, but many of the newer and more powerful antibiotics have very serious and even dangerous side effects. Doctors even induce some patients into a coma due to the severity of the drug side effects.

    Novobiotronics’ new discovery involves the use of a RIFE-BARE DEVICE, invented by Dr. James Bare of Albuquerque, New Mexico, which utilizes a ‘plasma antenna’, a special type of a helium gas filled fluorescent light, which is used to broadcast oscillating pulsed electric fields at the bacteria. These oscillating pulsed electric fields (OPEF) slow the growth rate of the bacteria tremendously and when used in conjunction with tiny amounts of a standard antibiotic, actually nullify the bacteria’s ability to resist antibiotics and have demonstrated an ability to kill the deadly MRSA and PS bacteria in vitro. Novobiotronics’ collaborators from the State University of New York presented their joint findings at the 113th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology May 18-21, 2013 in Denver, Colorado.

    Related links:

    Novobiotronics/SUNY Presentation:

    Is part of these overall sessions at the 113th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM):

    Please CLICK HERE TO DONATE TODAY to help us
    continue our unique and vital research!
    Novobiotronics • Shattering Cancer ~ One Cell At A Time
    and now: SHATTERING MRSA ~ and other Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria!!

    For further information, please contact:

    Anthony Holland

    Novobiotronics Inc.
    cell: 518-526-2278

    Discuss here: http://www.rifeforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5228


    Historical Rife mailing list archives made available again

    Do you remember the original rife-list run by Gary Hawkins on Eskimo.com, back in the 1990s, or the later version of that list run by Bob Howard on holman.net?

    The archives of both of those very popular mailing lists have not been available online since 2004 when the Rife-list switched to Yahoogroups where they are now. Although the Rife-list does still exist and is run by Richard Lloyd, his list does not include the archives from those earlier groundbreaking lists. I have therefore recently released my personal archives of the messages from that period starting from July 1999 to January 2004 with exactly 6062 posts. The messages have been prepared in a special PDF format making them easy to read and search on any type of pdf compatible device.


    I started my own "Rife" related mailing list back in September 1999 which has run continuously to the present day and is still active on Yahoogroups. As the archives of the Rife Yahoogroup are difficult and slow to read online, the archives of that list are also in the process of being released in the searchable pdf format. 1999-2005 have already been made available and the rest will follow shortly. The Rife Yahoogroup currently has over 31000 messages comprising a significant resouce for Rife related research.



    Please note that premium membership is required to download these archives. You can learn more about the history of the Rife online communities on the Rife Wiki.


    Interesting Pages on the Rife Wiki

    The Rife Wiki is based on Wikipedia using the same software engine. As alternative medicine topics are unfortunately heavily biased on the original Wikipedia, it was decided to start our own Rife specific Wiki where Rife related topics can be written and edited by Rife Forum members, only. This ensures that the articles are written by people actually involved with Rife technology. Here are a few of the more interesting topics already available on the Rife Wiki. In order to further expand the Wiki, we need more volunteers prepared to provide articles for the Wiki.

    One of the more popular and important pages is the “Rife and R.I.F.E. Machines Comparison Table,” which provides a direct feature comparison of various frequency therapy devices on the market. We are planning to expand this table with additional information in the coming months.

    Google "Rife" and you will find a few pages with negative urban legends about Rife therapy sprinkled with negative terms to enforce the point. On this page, we look at who is creating these urban legends, what they are saying, and Rife researchers’ views of these stories.

    From 1997-1999, Charlene Boehm explored the work of Royal Rife and other researchers who had investigated the use of frequencies or resonance to influence pathogens. After months of looking at various biophysical and harmonic relationships -- especially in relation to pathogen DNA -- one was discovered that seemed to hold particular potential for further investigation.

    The world of Rife research depends, to a certain extent, on how like minded researchers communicate with each other. Today, there are a number of online communities discussing Rife, but this was not always the case. On this page, we will be looking at the history of the Rife online communities.

    Do you have some important Rife related info which should be presented on the Rife Wiki? For technical reasons, you will need a special login at the moment to submit new entries to the Rife Wiki. We are looking at resolving those problems so that the Rife Wiki can be made available again for all members to submit articles under their normal login.


    Important: Keep Your Email Account Updated on the Rife Forum to Avoid Deletion!

    As with any forum with thousands of user accounts, there are always those who sign up for an account and then never use it as well as those who change email accounts and do not update it here. As it is important to keep our membership records as clean as possible, we delete accounts causing problems as follows:

    Accounts not fully Registered (Pending)

    Signing on to the Rife Forum involves registering online and then confirming your email address by clicking on a link in an email sent to you automatically by the forum. This form of confirming email addresses is very common and found on most forum systems. Unfortunately, many people register for an account, yet then do not confirm their email address. Our system does send out reminders and the user can request the activation email to be resent here. We delete such unconfirmed accounts after 2 months. The applicant can then resubmit their registration.

    Once the email address has been confirmed by the user, it then has to be finally approved by the admin - this usually occurs within 24 hours.

    If the application has not been entered properly, such accounts may be deleted instead of being approved. In this case, an email is sent to the applicant stating the account has been deleted.

    Registered Accounts (Full members)

    We regularly check user accounts to determine if they are still active and valid. Once a year, the forum system automatically sends out a message to each user congratulating them on their birthday. As well as expressing our good wishes to our active members, this also allows us to determine when an email account is no longer valid. If our birthday message to the user bounces (is sent back to us because the email cannot be delivered), we then look closely at the reason for the bounce and the user accounts usage. We then either delete the account or place it on "Bouncing email" status accordingly.

    Over the past year, we have deleted over a 1000 user accounts where the email accounts were no longer valid. In order to ensure your account remains active, make at least one post on the Rife Forum and update any changes in your email address here: http://www.rifeforum.com/forum/profi...o=editpassword


    I hope you liked this Newsletter. I will be trying my best to send this out more often, summarizing the latest news and events in the Rife Forum and the Rife World.

    There are more news and views available on the Rife Forum so come and visit it again today.


    Peter Walker


    Rife Forum Help

    You are already a member of the Rife Forum - have you visited it, lately?

    The Rife Forum started in September 2002 and has developed a lot since then. Currently we have nearly 9800 members, over 4870 topics and over 28400 posts covering every aspect of Rife technology. The Rife Forum uses the modern vBulletin forum software enabling you to easily view the topics by category.

    We have noticed that a number of members have joined some time ago, yet have not been to the forum for a while. If you are just not sure how to find your way around our forum, it is actually quite easy and we have made available a lot of online resources to get you using the forum quickly and easily.

    Having problems logging into the forum - you will find help here: http://www.rifeforum.com/login

    If you have forgotten your password: http://www.rifeforum.com/password

    If you simply need help on how to use the forum: http://www.rifeforum.com/help

    You can update your profile here: http://www.rifeforum.com/forum/usercp.php

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    We look forward to seeing you on the forum again, soon!


    Thank you for reading this newsletter, which we now plan to release every two months.

    The Rife Forum newsletter is a service of Rife Research, Europe - www.rife.de www.rifewiki.org and www.rifeforum.com

    You can read this and previous newsletters online here: http://www.rifeforum.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=95

    Contacting Us!
    Please do not reply to this email other than to unsubscribe as this email account is only monitored by the subscription engine.
    To contact us, please use our online form here: http://www.rifeforum.com/forum/sendmessage.php

    If for any reason you wish to unsubsribe, simply reply to this email with unsubscribe in the subject line. We will then unsubscribe you this newsletter. If you wish to unsubscribe from the Rife Forum as well, reply to this email with Unsubscribe Rife Forum on the subject line.


    You are receiving this message because you signed up to be a member of the Rife Forum at http://www.rifeforum.com. To ensure that future newsletters reach your inbox, please add newsletter@rifeforum.com to your whitelist and address book.

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    Red face Re: The Rife Forum Newsletter - July 2013!

    Thanks Peter,
    Very interesting news letter. I`m very happy to be a part of this group and excited to learn more about the "Rife." I purchased the GB4000 and Mopa couple months ago. Have started with the 8 hour sweep 3 days ago.


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