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Thread: The Rife Forum Newsletter - September 2009!

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    Default The Rife Forum Newsletter - September 2009!

    Welcome to the September 2009 Rife Forum Newsletter!

    Dear Rife Forum Member,

    Welcome to the September 2009 edition of the Rife Forum newsletter. We have a number of interesting topics, with one piece of sad news and some more upbeat accounts. We will start with the sad news.

    As we have a number of important issues in this newsletter, we recommend you read it all the way through.

    Here is a quick summary:
    • In this newsletter, we pay tribute to one of the great minds in frequency therapy - Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark Ph.D, N.D. who passed away peacefully in her sleep on the evening of September 3rd 2009.
    • Jim Folsom, one of the most well known manufacturers of Rife devices like the Astropulse, BioSolutions and Global Wellness Plus, has been in the detention center now since February 17, 2009 awaiting sentencing. We provide an update on how he is progressing and what the defense team are doing to help him.
    • Nenah Sylver's updated Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy has only been available as an eBook up until now. We are pleased to announce that the new hardcover book version has been released. Those who buy both versions (book and eBook) will receive a free DVD of her talk at the 2008 Rife Conference. The eBook version is of course still available as a double pack with Nenah's Sauna Handbook, but that offer is limited to the first 500 orders and there are not many left. We have also decided to reintroduce the special Rife Forum special offer where all Rife Handbook orders from now up to the 500th order will also receive 6 months of complimentary Rife Forum premium membership, plus an eBook with lots of historical Rife letters. The special offers have never been better, yet limited as there are less than 50 eBooks available under this special offer.
    • A new German made Clark/Rife/Beck frequency therapy has just become available for international sales. These units have been selling like hot cakes in Europe and once you read my review, you will understand why....
    • Plans have been made to startup a "Rife Electrotherapy Association" as a means of improving the difficult situation for suppliers and users alike. This is something which should have been done years ago and we are looking for those who want to help found it.
    I hope you enjoy this newsletter and please feel free to discuss the issues raised on the forum.

    You are receiving this because you are a registered member of the Rife Forum. If you would prefer not to receive such newsletters in future, you will find unsubscription info at the end of this email.


    Peter Walker


    In Memoriam: Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D, N.D.

    Hulda Clark was well known for writing a number of books and developing an electrotherapy unit she called a zapper. Although a zapper is not a Rife therapy device, both modalities subject the body to electrical frequencies in order to treat the patient. Hulda was well known to the Rife community and had spoken at the Rife conference in 2003. You will find a video of the first 90 minutes of that talk in the Rife Forum video library. As we were both speakers at that conference, I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to her there and found her to be a small elderly lady who had taken on a big challenge to help people heal themselves naturally and with the help of frequency therapy. I was impressed with the dedication she put into her work.

    Hulda had retired and closed her clinic in autumn 2008, after which she spent her time with her family. Dr. Clark would work every minute that she did not spend with her grandchildren, either at the clinic or doing more research at home.

    Dr. Clark was completely disinterested in material things. She even drove around in an old car as she just had no needs that went beyond just the basics. That mindset led Dr. Clark to share her research freely with the whole world. Except for the books themselves, Dr. Clark never had any commercial interests, but published her findings in her books for everyone to use. She even allowed anyone to freely make copies of her books.

    Dr. Clark’s interest in her research became apparent when she gave public talks. Even to audiences who had little knowledge of her findings, she would prefer to speak about her latest research, rather than give a general overview. Her research took her down many avenues for which she can be called a true pioneer. Her frequency approach to cancer used to be unique, yet in the last couple of years, low-intensity electric field treatments for cancer have been well studied and shown to work. Though parasites were an issue in holistic medicine among the bio-resonance testers especially, it was Dr. Clark who made this a major topic, starting with the publication of her first book in 1993. She also focused on the importance of dental health, as well as environmental factors. Those topics had already been recognized as important in holistic medicine, but one of her major contribution was the proposition of a complete protocol that included all the important contributors: namely environmental factors, dental health, nutrition, herbal approaches and cleansing, and frequencies.

    Hulda had been suffering from a spinal cord injury that plagued her for the final years of her life, yet she simply wanted to keep going.

    She had planned to attend and speak again at the 2008 Rife Conference in Seattle last October. Although her lecture had been prepared, the pain was too much for her and she was forced to cancel shortly before the conference.

    Her friend and associate Tim Bolen, has reported that he visited her a few days before she died. She had lost even more functions and he was unable to take her out to lunch at her favourite restaurant. Tim reports that “going to lunch with her was a time consuming experience, and well worth it, for she bombarded me with the latest findings of her research – treating me as though I were a fellow scientist, and a good friend.”

    Tim continues: “I had the joyous experience of being this wonderful person’s friend. She had an amazing twinkle in her eye, and I will miss hugging her. Hulda Clark was not just a scientist and author. She was one of the most amazing people I ever met. She was, in person, absolutely delightful. Everything she did was for others. The world has lost a lot with her passing.”

    Dr Hulda Clark passed away peacefully in her sleep on the evening of September 3rd 2009.

    Dr. Clark has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands around the globe who have learned to help themselves with the knowledge that she has brought forth. Dr. Clark suffered severe attacks from adversaries and government and nevertheless carried on, for the benefit of health and mankind. The success of her books and the large number of people who benefited from her teachings and therapies are a testament to her life's work.

    According to her wishes, Dr. Clark will be cremated and her ashes given to the Pacific Ocean, which she so loved, in a private ceremony.

    On behalf of the Rife community, I would like to honour her. Hulda, thank you for your inspiration, may you now rest in peace in the knowledge to have helped thousands of people and left behind a lasting legacy.

    In memoriam and with great respect...

    Peter Walker
    (With thanks to David P. Amrein and Tim Bolen whose own reports have been used to contribute to this article)

    A special website has been setup as a memorial for Hulda Clark and if you have any memories or good stories to tell about her or her treatments, please use that site to express them.


    Condolence cards can be sent to:

    New Century Press
    1055 Bay Blvd #B
    Chula Vista, CA 91911


    The Jim Folsom Trial - Update

    This article is about James Folsom, who was a manufacturer and distributor of the BioSolutions/Global Wellness Plus, Rife-type, bio-resonance instruments based in San Diego, California and has been imprisoned for marketing Rife equipment. For more background information on this case, visit the special page on the Rife Wiki:


    Court Hearing - August 20, 2009

    Jim had a court hearing on August 20th, the focus of which was dismissal of current counsel and to appoint new counsel. Dismissal of current counsel was granted, but a federally appointed public defender has not yet been granted because of prosecutor AUSA opposition. Jim is financially strapped, but appointment of a public defender was opposed on the grounds that the financial affidavit Jim entered was not correct. This is based on AUSA's opinion that Jim Folsom made 9 million dollars and didn’t show it as an asset. An investigation is being conducted to verify this.

    Jim and his support group have requested that his new counsel be John Kirby (http://johnkirbylaw.com). Mr. Kirby has been tentatively assigned as new counsel once the financial investigation has been completed. Mr. Kirby does not appear to know anything about frequency devices, but support group representatives and Jim have met with him several times already and are 100% in agreement that this is a good choice. Kirby’s office is very close to the detention center (only several blocks away), and he seems to be willing to put the time in the case that it needs. Another meeting with Kirby was held on September 9, 2009.

    Motions that were filed between counsel changes
    During the period of time when Jim’s counsel and he decided to part ways and before new counsel had been assigned, Jim filed several motions. However, motions can only be filed by the defendant if he has been granted permission by the judge to represent himself (“pro se”), and this had not been done. So, the judge “lodged” these motions, which basically means to just hold or pend them until new counsel has been appointed, at which point Jim and his new counsel decide what to do. If they determine to move forward with the new motions, the new counsel must submit them to the court using proper procedure.

    Motions on the way
    Motions that Jim and the support group expect to be first on the agenda are: motion to dismiss, motion for a mistrial, motion for a new trial, motion for discovery of evidence, and motion not to destroy evidence. These motions have been well thought out and expressed in writing.

    Hearing on September 21, 2009
    The next hearing scheduled is September 21, 2009, 9AM at the courthouse. This should be another quick meeting with the judge, much like the last one which was under 30 minutes. It is open to the public and everyone is invited. If you’re in San Diego and you would like to attend, you are more than welcome to come and support Jim!

    A few of Jim’s close friends and family members plan on attending.

    9/21/2009 9AM

    The Edward Schwartz Courthouse,
    US District Court
    940 Front Street,
    San Diego,
    California 92101
    Tel. 619-557-5600

    We are looking for communication now and need your help! We think now is the time to start getting the word out about Jim’s devices and his predicament to the public. There were some pertinent health-related articles in the Wall-Street Journal recently.

    Wall Street Journal, Aug. 11, 2009 - The Whole Foods Alternative to ObamaCare

    Wall Street Journal, Aug. 18, 2009 - Rethinking the Corporate Crime Spree

    Wall Street Journal, Aug. 18, 2009 - Gut Reaction: 'Good' Microbes Under Attack

    Do you know a radio talk-show host or a newspaper writer or a web-site blogger that might be willing to work with us (Jim and the support group) to communicate Jim’s case?

    If so, please contact Peter Walker via the following link http://www.rife.de/about_contact_us.html, who will forward your suggestions on to the group.


    Nenah Sylver’s Rife Handbook now in hardcover

    The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy with a Holistic Health Primer
    Copyright 2009 by Nenah Sylver, PhD

    In my last newsletter, I reviewed Dr. Nenah Sylver’s The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy with a Holistic Health Primer which was initially released as an eBook only. This work has now been published in a printed hardcover edition. It is an updated and expanded version of her original “Handbook of Rife Frequency Healing” (written under the name "Nina Silver") and is almost twice the size of the original and covers a wider range of material.

    In summary, topics include well-researched information on Royal Rife, his therapy, frequency devices, how to give yourself a rife session, eye-opening comparisons of holistic and allopathic medicine, many effective complementary treatments, details on food and nutrition, and reviews of other electrotherapies (including lasers, LEDs, Microcurrent, and sound and light therapies).

    Chapter 5 of that book (204 pages) had also been released as an extensive Frequency Directory eBook. The Frequency Directory is not just a list of diseases and frequencies, but also contains detailed explanations about the origin of a disease, how it affects the body, what other co-infections and conditions may exist along with the one you’re looking up, and complementary therapies. The sheer amount of information in this book cannot be described or summarized in this brief announcement, but you can download a detailed table of contents/chapter outline on Dr. Sylver’s website, http://www.nenahsylver.com/rife_hand...scription.html

    The entire Rife Handbook in hardcover format is vastly improved over the earlier version.

    Although the earlier work was a softcover book of 448 pages, the new version has been expanded to 760 pages with the same page size, 8-1/2” x 11” (21.6 cm x 28 cm), making a hardcover necessary. The thick laminated cardboard cover makes the overall size a bit larger, at 8-3/4” x 11-1/4” (22.2 cm x 28.6) and the book is almost 2 inches (5 cm) thick. Nenah told me the following: “For a research book of this size and with this many pages, which people open many times, I wanted to make sure the binding would last.” The desire for a durable binding—as well as the fact that some of her readers are chemically sensitive—encouraged Dr. Sylver to go for a book that is sewn rather than glued, even though it costs slightly more. She also insisted on the use of soy ink, which has a negligible odour compared to normal inks which are made from toxic chemicals.

    To accommodate almost 60 pages of photos, inserts and tables, which require larger amounts of dark shading compared to normal text, it was decided to use a stronger, denser and slightly thicker paper which was a good choice in my opinion. Even though the book weighs over 5-1/2 pounds (2.5 kg), it is sturdy and will hold up to years of wear. And the book lies flat, which the softcover version did not. The paper feels very smooth to the touch and is also quite bright, which makes it easier to read the text. The text is in two columns with the majority of pages also containing boxes, sidebars and graphs, and/or bolded headings and sub-headings, which break up the page and make it easy on the eye.

    There is nothing like this book anywhere. Whether you’re a health practitioner, researcher or layperson, whether you’re knowledgeable about Rife or a newcomer to the field, The Rife Handbook will help you make the most informed choices about many aspects of your health. This book has been praised by professionals and researchers worldwide in the electromedicine and Rife fields, as well as those in the complementary (alternative) medicine arena. The amount of practical information and potentially life-saving wisdom in this massive volume ensures that it belongs on your bookshelf.

    Another interesting comparison to the softcover version is price. When the original book went out of print, used copies of it were selling on Amazon.com from $150 to $820. So at $125 on Amazon (or $99.95 from those outlets that offer a 20% discount), this hardcover edition is a bargain as it has twice as many pages. In fact, it costs a bit less than comparable medical or scholarly textbooks.

    The Rife Handbook is available from:

    1. http://www.bibliotique.us/si/rife2009.html (click “Add to shopping cart” near top of page)

    2. BioMed Publishing Group

    3. http://www.dfe.net/nenah-bk.html

    To order The Rife Handbook from Nenah Sylver’s website, click on its cover at www.nenahsylver.com. Currently there is a special offer for past or current buyers of both the entire eBook and hardcover editions. Dr. Sylver is giving away a free DVD (worth over $25) of her 2-hour slide presentation on Rife and electrotherapies, made at the 2008 Rife Conference. Her talk received rave reviews, and was both informative and colourful (in fact, Dr. Loyd remarked that it raised the standard for slide shows).

    So if you have already purchased the Rife Handbook in eBook form and now buy the hardback edition—or if you purchase both the Rife Handbook eBook and hardcover version now—you will get that DVD of Nenah’s presentation absolutely free. All you have to do is then apply for it on Nenah’s website: http://www.nenahsylver.com/rife_hand..._dvdoffer.html

    Rife Forum Special Offer

    As the previous offer of 6 months free Rife Forum premium membership was very popular, we have decided to make that offer again. However you will have to be quick, as in order to qualify, you need to have ordered the Rife Handbook eBook between Sept. 17 and when 500 eBooks have been sold. This applies to new eBook orders only, and can be combined with the DVD offer. See Nenah’s website for details.

    Premium membership of the Rife Forum gives you unlimited access to our Audio and Video libraries, Device Reviews and Special Reports.

    To register for your free 6 month Rife Forum Premium Access, use the Rife Forum contact form, select “Rife Handbook Promotion” and give the email address, used to make the order, and the Rife Forum username to be used for Premium Access in the message box. Please allow up to two work days for Premium Access to be activated.


    Summary of Rife Handbook book+eBook Offers:

    1. Buy the Rife Handbook in hardback for $99.95 (instead of $124.99 at Amazon)
    2. Buy the Rife Handbook as an eBook from $67.95 (Mac for $74.95)

    Total: $167.90 (Mac $174.90)

    By buying both the hardcover and eBook together, you are elligable for the following bonuses:

    1. Save $25.04 on the price of the Rife Handbook (against Amazon's price)
    2. Nenah's 2008 Rife Conference presentation (worth 24.95) free
    3. Nenah's Holistic Handbook of Sauna Therapy eBook (worth 24.95) free
    4. 6 months of premium access to the Rife Forum (worth $30) free

    Total bonuses are worth $104.94 for free, but only for a limited time as the Sauna eBook and premium Rife Forum membership will expire when 500 are sold (current count is 454)

    Additional Rife Related Publications

    If you are looking for other Rife related books and videos, Bryan Rossner of the BioMed Publishing Group has the widest selection I am aware of. He is also specialised in books on Lyme disease:

    BioMed Publishing Group


    Top German Rife equipment now available internationally

    The members of the Rife Forum are used to seeing the world of Rife therapy principally from an American point of view. What they talk about most are the American devices, American health insurance (or lack of it), the fact that all Rife equipment is not FDA approved as it is not possible to get it approved, that no studies are possible, that people have to learn to treat themselves as any doctor using Rife is in danger of losing their licence, etc.

    Imagine you were in a place where natural therapies are openly used and accepted
    • Where there is a long history of such therapies which have hardly been suppressed
    • Where over half the population is open to using such therapies - either as an alternative or as a complimentary therapy
    • Where clinical studies for alternative therapies are possible and take place
    • Where pleomorphism has been investigated in great detail and research published
    • Where Electrotherapy devices can be officially certified for use in practices, clinics and even hospitals
    • Where everybody has medical insurance at affordable prices and even some alternative therapies are paid for
    Then welcome to Germany, one of the most open major countries for natural therapies.

    In an environment like this, it is not surprising that Rife therapy has been taken on as part of the range of tools used by naturopaths (“Heilpraktiker” in German, literally “Healing practitioner”).

    As I attend a range of medical conferences in Germany including Medica (world’s largest medical equipment fair) and the “Medizinische Woche” (Medical Week), where all the alternative medical equipment can be found, I have come to know the various major players on the German market. These include Oncotherm with their hyperthermia equipment (which implements in the words of Prof. Andras Szasz, “a further development of Rife”); and GBO (medical subsidiary of Siemens) whose “High-Tone” frequency therapy equipment is finding its way into doctors’ practices all over Europe, yet it is the work of a small company in the depths of Bavaria which have really put “Rife therapy” on the map in Germany and many parts of Europe.

    Medi-Gen Technology Ltd started out a few years ago producing a Clark Zapper and, as a result of teaming up with the German naturopath A.E. Baklayan, their units have developed into high quality frequency therapy devices selling by the thousands. As all their business activities have been conducted in German up until now, they are hardly known outside Europe.

    It was Medi-Gen who was behind the first European Rife Congress in 2008 (the next one will be in 2010) where I was a guest speaker amongst an impressive list of German practitioners and about 200 attendees, mainly naturopaths and doctors from Germany.

    The concept of their BioWave Frequency units is designed around the practitioner/patient environment typical in Germany. They are battery (9V) operated pad frequency units about the size of a large PDA with a display, keypad, chip-card drive and hand electrodes/wrist straps. The frequency range is from 1 Hz up to 1 MHz

    The BW21 unit is their basic unit designed to be given (sold, rented or loaned) to the patient by the practitioner. The unit itself is very easy to operate and by itself offers the typical Clark frequencies in the 7-20-7-20-7 minute (7 min treatment, 20 min break, etc.) zapping regime, continuous zapping for an hour, the INF, CLD and Pain programs, the Beck 3.92 Hz blood electrification, 3 TENS programs and a 1 kHz Zappicator mode (more on that later).

    The clever part of this unit is the use of chip-cards (the same size as the SIM card in your cell phone) to expand the functionality. A range of pre-programmed chip-cards are available, for all the common treatments asked for, and new chip-cards are being released all the time. The idea is that the patient buys this low-cost unit (about 250 Euros or $370 in the expanded international version) along with the chip-card for whatever needs to be treated (about $30 each).

    The unit will also run programmable chip-cards prepared on the larger unit (BW77) using up to 30 frequencies in the range 1 Hz to 1 MHz (.01 Hz steps). The unit generates a very clean square wave with either no offset, a positive offset (Clark) or a positive offset of 0.25V and this can be pre-programmed from 1V up to 15V. The international version (the one sold in dollars under the name ResIWave) also adds a range of popular Rife frequencies and the BO function (no need to buy the BO chip-card) to those useable without chip-cards. The BW21 is by design NOT user programmable, in order to keep the price down to an absolute minimum, be very easy to use, yet capable of running any set of frequencies programmed on a chip-card. The idea is that the practitioner can program the chip-cards to the patient’s needs and the patient should not be able to change the program themselves. Despite the very competitive price of just $369 for a Clark, Rife, Beck and TENS frequency unit, it is fully medically approved as a TENS machine at one of the strictest certified bodies for medical equipment (class IIa, rule 9), which allows this unit to be legally used by any practitioners (mainstream or alternative) throughout Europe. American FDA certification has not even been applied for yet, however even this is being considered as a future option.

    The more powerful BW77 unit is physically the same size and design as the BW21 except for the better alphanumeric keypad. Internally, the unit has everything the BW21 has plus a number of extra features, making this the unit of choice for the practitioner and serious Rife researcher.

    The additional features mainly revolve around the ability to program frequencies individually into the unit and save them on plug-in chip-cards (that can then also be used on the BW21).

    Frequencies can be programmed either by entering them manually (with 2 decimal places and up to 1 MHz), or from a number of database chip-cards offering frequencies from the Rife CAFL, a large range of Clark frequencies, or frequencies researched in Germany by Alan E. Baklayan ND and others. Some of these databases are huge, listing conditions / parasites by name—making it very easy to program the unit by name without even needing to know the frequencies themselves.

    Each frequency can be programmed with the duration to run (up to 99 min), offset (none, positive, positive +0.25V) and a descriptive name. If you enter a name for a frequency, that name is displayed instead of the frequency number, which can be useful if you do not want the patient to know which frequency has been used. Up to 30 frequencies can be programmed into the unit this way. Once programmed, you can then store the program onto an empty “master chip-card” which can also be given a name for easy identification later (displayed when inserted). These master chip-cards can be reprogrammed an unlimited number of times and allow the patient to simply insert the card and press the RUN button.

    This allows a practitioner to buy just one BW77 to do the programming and a number of BW21 units for their patients. The patients usually buy the BW21 units as they are not too expensive and can be expanded for other uses by just buying extra pre-programmed chip-cards.

    In Germany, particularly the BW21 units have been literally sold in the thousands mainly through a network of hundreds of practitioners individually treating their patients. This has also resulted in a large demand for pre-programmed chip-cards and the numbers of titles are being constantly expanded.

    A team of practitioners now work together to develop new treatment protocols that can be used with these units.

    The most important of these so far is a recent project to develop a therapy for menstrual period pain relief. Based on a German clinical study, by Dr med. Stefan Rastocny, using a number of frequencies to treat common bacteria and fungi, the study has had a number of patients whose pain level dropped from 10 (scale of 0-10) down to 2 or 3 after just two months of treatment. The results so far have been incredible and really made a difference to the ladies who tried this method. Once the two month therapy was completed, most patients reported a considerable improvement and no further treatments were necessary with subsequent periods remaining at the low pain level. Anyone wishing to try this treatment themselves simply needs the BW21 unit and the "chip-card EN" for Endometriosis, menstrual pain. Online info on this is available in German only, and information in English is being prepared for release soon.

    http://www.regelschmerzfrei.info - German language website for menstral period pain relief.

    Click here to read that site with a Google translation (not perfect)

    Additional Applications

    Apart from standard uses with frequencies in the Clark, Rife and Beck ranges, these units can be adapted for a number of other additional uses not usually associated with such frequency devices.

    Brain Tuner
    A special add-on program allows the units to be used as a Brain Tuner. I have not tried this myself, so cannot comment on how well this works. It is claimed to synchronize brain waves and regulate brain transmitter functions.

    Colloidal Silver
    A popular accessory allows the unit to be used as a colloidal silver maker. Again, I have not tested this myself.

    Plate Zapping
    (according to A.E. Baklayan)

    A simple add-on plate, between the unit and the patient, is connected to the red cable and this allows information from ampoules (viles) on the plate to be passed onto the patient. For example, in order to treat parasitic roundworms (ascaris), you simply place a roundworm ampoule on the plate and run the zappicator frequency. It is possible to treat several complaints at the same time this way. This method has been developed in great detail by the German practitioners and they have certainly reported good results.

    The zappicator is used to energise food, water, cosmetics, medicines, supplements, etc. according to Hulda Clark.

    In Europe, the units are sold under the name BioWave with principle markets being Germany and some other European countries increasingly the UK. As there is already another company with the name BioWave in the USA (they make TENS units), it is not possible to use that name internationally for legal reasons. The international marketing is therefore under the name ResIWave which stands for “Resonance Initiated Wave” generator and is to be marketed using the domain www.resiwave.com.

    My Review

    I have been using both the BW21 and BW77 units for about 2 years now and although I do have other Rife units in my collection, these have become my units of choice. They are simple enough to use and very portable so I can run a program while walking around with the unit in my pocket. The chip-card system is a clever way of expanding the unit’s capabilities while allowing the unit to be medically certified in Europe. I have attended a number of their seminars and talked to a number of the practitioners using these things in their practices. The reports have always been encouraging to say the least. The low-cost concept has certainly been paid off by the fact that much larger numbers of people can afford to buy and use them. Sure, the company admitted to me that they earn more money on the chip-cards than on the units, but that also shows that these units work and are helping thousands of people. I certainly am going to continue to use mine and while these units will not do everything that some of the more expensive American units can, one should consider if one needs those additional features for the additional cost involved.

    Even Lyme patients have reported good results with these units, when using the internal BO program for example.

    If you just need a reliable Rife unit to treat your own condition, and do not want to get involved in the technicalities of how to program the thing. You will probably find the BW21, with the relevant chip-cards, is all you need. If you want to have full control of the frequencies used, then the BW77 is the one for you.


    You can discuss the ResIWave / BioWave units in the ResIWave Forum


    Plans to start a non-profit “Rife Electrotherapy Association”

    One of the main problems for those supplying Rife equipment is that they are not organised well enough to assist each other in times of crisis. Each manufacturer and supplier works independently with little collaboration with others—a situation understandable from a competitive aspect, yet one which is becoming increasingly dangerous in view of the recent Michael Forrest and Jim Folsom cases. By pooling resources, knowledge and funding, the individual companies can work together better to help prevent similar problems in future.

    Additionally, those selling electrotherapy equipment are not allowed to say how effective their equipment is. There is no common place where the effectiveness of Rife therapies is collated independently apart from the various posts on the Rife Yahoogroups and the Rife Forum. Additionally, it is increasingly difficult for such companies to be found by potential customers.

    On the other side, independent online resources like www.rife.de, www.rifeforum.com and www.rifewiki.org do not collect any money to cover their costs and have been financed privately up until now. Manufactures cannot easily contribute financially to such sites without a possible legal backlash from government agencies. So, despite the vital need for places where information about Rife technology can be shared, these information websites are not being developed as quickly as they should.

    The solution to these issues is to start an international non-profit Rife association which would be able to finance itself through membership fees, services, etc., and provide an official platform representing Rife research. An official directory of companies involved in marketing such equipment can be put together along with detailed information for the public about what can be achieved with this technology, along with centralised case studies. Criteria designating what makes a good device (in various categories) can be agreed on, allowing those companies that comply to stand out with a “Rife Association Approved” emblem as well.

    Legally, there are no problems with manufacturers associating themselves with such an association, as it mirrors other agencies like the AMA, etc.

    The plan is to set up the association in a country friendly to Rife technology: Germany. At least seven (7) board members are required to start such an association and it is to be run by Peter Walker, who will be integrating his www.rife.de, Rife Forum and Rife Wiki resources into the new association.

    Peter Walker is well known to the Rife community as he has run the Rife Yahoogroup continuously since September 1999 and the Rife Forum since 2002. He is recognised for his ability to mediate in difficult situations, as well as his devotion to ensuring that Rife technology continues to advance in today’s age. He is currently president of Grayfield Optical Inc, the company set up to market the Ergonom series of microscopes which have similar resolution and magnification capabilities to the Rife microscope. This opens possibilities of duplicating Rife’s microscope analysis with the Ergonom microscope as a common project for the association, thereby scientifically verifying the devitalisation of pathogens. If sufficient funds were available to cover the costs of such work, such a project could be realised with the results shared for all.

    Dr. Nenah Sylver (known as the author of the Rife Handbook) has also agreed to take part in the association as a board member and we are now negotiating with industry leaders in taking a role in this association. We ask that those wishing to join as board members make a financial contribution to be used to help pay the setting-up costs and legal fees required for such an undertaking.

    Once we have seven suitable board members and enough funds, we can then move forward with this project, which should benefit the entire Rife community and help ensure that Rife’s legacy will continue to live and thrive. As an international association, it should be possible for even American companies to make tax-deductible contributions. It is proposed that Peter Walker be taken on full time by the association so that he can spend more time working for the good of the Rife community and its associated members.

    These concepts are still in their infancy and need to be developed further. Those interested in being involved with setting up and financing this association should contact Peter Walker as soon as possible.

    A suitable name for such an association needs to be found which preferably has an easy to remember acronym, preferably with an available .org domain to be used by the association.

    Examples of such possible names are:
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    IREA = International Rife Electrotherapy Association

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    www.rifeforum.com - The Rife Forum

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    Default Re: The Rife Forum Newsletter - September 2009!

    Peter I am new and am very interested in purchasing this ResiWave unit. There is not a listing under their website for this BO chip card as per your review. Could you give me more information on what specifically I would need to treat Lyme? I am waiting for your reply. Thank you.

    Tracy in Virginia

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    Default Re: The Rife Forum Newsletter - September 2009!

    Hi Tracy,
    the international version has the BO function internally, that is why the chip is not offered seperately, it is already included in the basic unit.

    I asked about Lyme and that is one of the principle uses people have been using it for. I am told that the symptoms are controlled well by the unit, although I am still waiting for the data on that.

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    Default Re: The Rife Forum Newsletter - September 2009!

    Thanks Peter for your prompt reply. I did eventually figure that out and ordered the BW21 today. I am interested in how often to use it and for how long. Is there information on that in this site? I haven't had time to dig in yet. Any help on direction in that would be great! Thanks so much and I'll keep you updated on the progress.


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