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    Default The Rife Forum Newsletter - June 2009!

    Welcome to the June 2009 Rife Forum Newsletter!

    Dear Member,
    Welcome to our new newsletter discussing Rife Forum related events, research, news, etc.

    As we have a number of important issues in this newsletter, we recommend you read it all the way through.

    Here is a quick summary:

    • In this newsletter, we are reporting the loss of two major characters in the Rife world – Don Tunney of Resonant Light Technology (PERL), and the British researcher and engineer Aubrey Scoon, very different characters and both will be missed.
    • Jim Folsom, one of the most well known manufacturers of Rife devices like the Astropulse, BioSolutions and Global Wellness Plus, has been taken to court in San Diego, where Rife himself had his labs. After an eight-day trial, he has been put into prison pending sentencing on July 13. We discuss in detail what happened and how this could affect future sales of Rife devices in the USA.
    • Paul Dorneanu and Jimmie Holman of Pulsed Technologies have now released a number of new historical Rife documents, news of the restoration of Rife’s #3 Universal microscope and the Nemescope, as well as info about research into Candida.
    • Nenah Sylver recently released the fully revised version of her popular Rife Handbook. Don’t miss the special Rife Forum special offer on this new 760-page eBook of 12 months of complimentary Rife Forum premium membership if you order by June 20, plus an eBook with lots of historical Rife letters.
    • Nenah was also recently interviewed on the radio about her eBook. You can listen to it in the Audio library, on Nenah’s website or on the radio station’s website.
    • Although the Rife Wiki was originally launched back in 2007, it was not configured well enough resulting in hardly any Rife articles and lots of spam. Now, the Rife Wiki has been relaunched and has now become a useful tool for the Rife community to serve as a free encyclopaedia on Rife related issues.
    • Do you market anything associated with electrotherapy? Then banner advertising on German based www.rife.de and/or the Rife Forum may be just what you need in the current climate.
    Peter Walker

    Don Tunney (1942-2009) – In Memoriam

    On January 19th, 2009, the Rife community lost a beloved friend: Donald L. Tunney, researcher and frequency device manufacturer of Resonant Light Technology (famous for the PERL unit).

    Don Tunney passed away from cancer that was either induced or triggered by dangerous radiation. In March 2008, as Don and his wife Eddie (Edna) were returning home from Mexico in their RV motor home, they met a roadblock that was stopping vehicles for inspection about 200 miles south of the border. Don was directed to drive their RV next to a mobile X-ray scanner with a large rectangular arm. The gamma radiation from this scanner, which is powerful enough to penetrate RVs, semi trailers and shipping containers, is also lethal to living beings! No one is supposed to be inside the vehicle during scanning. But the Mexican authorities not only failed to use the equipment properly, they also failed to advise Don and Eddie to leave their vehicle. Don, who drove through the apparatus and was closest to the radiation source, could feel his chest tingle. (Eddie on the passenger side only felt the beam in her ears.) Don never felt right after that experience. Less than two months later, he developed a very aggressive cancer.

    Holistic practitioners know that cancer is a very complex disease with multiple causes possibly unique to each individual. In addition to its viral (and/or fungal) component, cancer can be caused or exacerbated by chemicals, injuries, lifestyle, radiation and mercury toxicity. In Don’s case, his immune response was likely weakened by a bout of pneumonia just prior to his exposure to the gamma rays. Also, mercury may have played a role, as several years earlier he had all his mercury fillings removed at once, which may also have contributed to a stroke and subsequently weakened his system further.

    Despite the many insults to his system, Don’s life was extended—and the quality of his life was vastly improved—through the use of not only the PERL device, but numerous holistic modalities. (In fact, Don did not require any pain medication until his last two days.) Don’s loving wife, Eddie, talked about just a few of these therapies and the scope of her husband’s healing.

    “Don radically changed his diet. He cut out sugars and carbohydrates, and drank fresh vegetable juices daily. He was very disciplined, and so missed the happy hour margaritas. During his palliative care, the hospice nurses and homecare workers were amazed at the glowing condition of his skin, his sense of humor, and ability to direct some of his care decisions with such mental clarity. They had never met anyone dying of cancer who on other levels was in such good shape. Every day, I ran a variety of maintenance frequencies for staph and general health—always keeping in mind the detoxification effects. I know that the device contributed immensely to his emotional and spiritual healing. Healing has to take place on all levels—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We are all still grieving…and the triggers of his absence are heart wrenching for me. I want to extend my gratitude to the Rife Forum community for expressing their compassion and understanding. I also want people to know that Don and I were both satisfied that we did all we could for him, overwhelming as it was at times, and that what we did helped. If anything, I wish we had more time to have dealt with some of the unforeseen issues. Nonetheless, Don’s passing was complete. No one can ask for more than that.”

    Everyone in the Rife community will miss Don. His dedication and drive helped advance the future of frequency therapies. We extend our support and love to Eddie Tunney, to Don’s children, and to the entire staff at Resonant Light Technology.

    In Memory of Aubrey Scoon (1960-2009)

    We have just heard that Aubrey Scoon (39), a well known Rife researcher, excellent engineer and member of the British Rife Group, died of a heart attack on March 19, 2009.

    I managed to speak to Aubrey Scoon's Mexican widow on the phone about his recent death. She gave me her permission to pass on the following details to the Rife community.

    Aubrey had been complaining about feeling unwell for the past 9 months and he attributed this to having an ulcer. Aubrey never liked going to the doctor and his wife kept telling him to have a check-up. He went to the doctor and Aubrey told him he thought he had an ulcer and the doctor just gave him medicine for ulcers without performing any tests.

    In the last few days, he had been complaining that his ulcer was getting worse and his wife suggested that maybe he had something else - but they never suspected a heart problem. His father did have a history of heart attacks and his wife was surprised that Aubrey, who knew so much about medicine, never thought it could be a heart problem.

    On March 19, he was in Oxford (UK) with a long term friend of his, who indeed is a medical doctor, when he collapsed with obvious signs of a heart attack. The emergency services were called and he was even able to call his wife to tell her what was happening. She took that as his way of saying goodbye without actually daring to say those words. He died very quickly and his wife felt he knew that he was going to die. The doctor tried hard to save him, but was unable to. The autopsy revealed that he had a blocked artery and that had caused the heart attack - there were no signs of any ulcers.

    Aubrey leaves behind a wife and a 10 year old son. His widow is now planning to move back to Mexico as she has no family in the UK.

    I expressed our condolences for her loss and she wants to express her thanks for all the good wishes she has received from people in the Rife community.

    She gave permission to mirror the contents of Aubrey's website, on www.rife.de, and was honoured that he is being remembered that way.

    He first became known to the Rife world when he wrote an excellent article about Rife in the UK electronics magazine “Everyday Practical Electronics”, April 2001. His 11 page article was printed in the form of a special supplement and called: “The End To All Disease?”

    That article, which is just as topical now as it was then, can be read online from our www.rife.de website: http://www.rife.de/the_end_to_all_disease.html

    Aubrey, became a popular figure on the Rife Yahoogroups, being an excellent engineer and using his engineering skills to look at both the frequency therapy equipment and the microscope technology.

    He was instrumental in purchasing, retro-engineering and rebuilding an original Hoyland machine (Hoyland was Rife’s electronic engineer) and even produced a modern equivalent of the Rife circuitry that he published on his web site:

    At the end of 2002, he withdrew from the Rife world for personal reasons. One of the last things he did was to help setup the Rife Forum by supplying a number of articles for the Rife FAQ section.

    Now that he has passed on, there has been some concern expressed that his website might disappear along with all his valuable research work. At the time of writing, links to his web site are still operational, but we do not know for how much longer.

    In order to preserve his writings for the future, the contents of his website have now been mirrored on the www.rife.de website. Although for technical reasons, the order of the articles has been changed, the articles themselves have remained intact and complete.

    New Historical Rife Documents released by Pulsed Technologies

    Paul Dorneanu and Jimmie Holman of Pulsed Technologies, http://www.pulsedtech.com and http://www.pulsedtech.ro), have recently released a significant portion of their Rife-related materials gathered and compiled over the better part of the last two decades.

    After the San Diego “Rife Laboratory years”, Royal Raymond Rife became affiliated with John Crane. While many have questioned the integrity of Crane, his motives and this affiliation in general, most people can agree that without this association, much of our present knowledge of Rife would have been lost. Even into the 1980s, John Crane maintained a close working relationship with a group in Texas, which included the manufacture and production of equipment. Film clips in Cranes possession were converted from film to analog video tape with a live narration by Crane done in a Dallas studio on one of those early visits. Documents, video and notebooks have been in safe storage most of this time.

    Mr. Holman and Mr. Dorneanu have now passed along these documents to be released publically on the Rife Research, Europe (www.rife.de) website. They hope that by sharing this content, it will give others, inspiration and insights into the underlying technology.

    Rife Microscope[/COLOR]

    Long thought by many to be lost to history, Rife's legendary masterpiece, his #3 Universal Microscope, is undergoing restoration in competent and humble hands. By special permissions, Pulsed Technologies has now released the majority of their detailed photos so that other researchers may get a better glimpse and appreciation of this engineering marvel. Holman and Dorneanu will not disclose in detail the location of the device, asking that folks grant the “recovering patient” some well-deserved privacy while its “health” is being lovingly restored.

    This collection of photos includes Rife's personal framed copy of the November 20, 1931 banquet, which was held to honor Dr. Kendall and Dr. Rife. The reverse side contains a complete guest list as well as photographer notations.

    Candida Research
    It was recently revealed on one or more of the Rife technology mailing lists that Pulsed Technologies and associates were heavily involved with specific energetic research in Eastern Europe, targeting such biological issues as Candida, toxic molds and Lyme. Candida albicans was specifically selected (despite the difficulties in studying it), as the microorganism naturally common to every living person. Its overgrowth has a wide-ranging impact on people's health, and Candidiasis is among the most often overlooked or misdiagnosed of all diseases in western allopathic medicine. Soon into the studies, Mr. Holman and Mr. Dorneanu realized that unique methods and protocols for handling the specimens would need to be developed, along with strategies for plasma exposure and other treatment protocols. The unconventional biological studies from Pulsed Technologies will eventually carry over into future biological, environmental, and chemical/molecular studies. Some important parts of the Candida results are shared in Dr. Nenah Sylver's new book, The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy with a Holistic Health Primer, available at http://www.nenahsylver.com

    Future Developments
    Pulsed Technologies is devoted to studying and developing the science and physics involved in a wide range of modalities. Whenever possible, the company will continue to share these technical breakthroughs with the Rife community. Holman and Dorneanu intend to release other documents of interest from their collection in the near future.

    Enjoy the documents, and please share them with others!http://www.rife.de/new_historical_rife_documents.html

    The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy with a Holistic Health Primer
    An eBook Copyright 2009 by Nenah Sylver, PhD

    The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy with a Holistic Health Primer—the long awaited, vastly expanded 2nd edition of her original “Handbook of Rife Frequency Healing” (which Nenah Sylver PhD wrote under the name “Nina Silver”)—has been released recently at the author’s website http://www.nenahsylver.com

    Nenah has spent 12 years researching for and writing this eBook, and I have helped her by providing technical assistance setting up her website and the eBook system for her.

    I wrote the following review on April 2 and released it on my http://www.rife.de website:

    Review by Peter Walker
    rife.de, rifeforum.com and the Rife Yahoogroup.

    If you are just starting to learn about Rife therapy, you will have a lot of questions and will be looking for intelligent competent answers to questions like:

    - Who was Royal Raymond Rife?
    - How did he discover this therapy?
    - How do the devices work today?
    - What kind of device do I need?
    - What should I look for in a device?
    - Where can I find such equipment?
    - What are the best frequencies to use for specific diseases?
    - How are the frequencies used?
    - How were the frequencies determined?
    - What precautions should I take?
    - How do I give myself a Rife session?
    - Where can I find additional help?
    - What are the legal aspects to Rife Therapy?
    - Why does my doctor not offer this therapy (in Europe, some do)?

    Additionally, if you are looking to take responsibility for your own health, you also need answers to questions like:

    - How does resonance therapy compare with allopathic medicine?
    - How does allopathic medicine compare with holistic treatments?
    - Which complimentary therapies should I be looking at?
    - What foods and nutrients do I need and what should I avoid?

    These and many more questions are answered in great detail. The entire book is full of excellent advice on the whole world of holistic medicine, electromedicine in general and Rife therapy in particular. If you are looking for answers that can have a profound influence on your future health, this is certainly the best Rife related reference book I have ever seen on the subject. It also covers past and current day medical politics in a very factual and well referenced way.

    One of the key questions everybody has is “What frequency do I need?”. There are lists of frequencies out there provided by the device makers, a consolidated list on the Internet, and many suggestions made on Rife community egroups. The problem is, those lists are just lists, a number next to a condition with little, if anything, in the way of explanation. This is where Nenah Sylver's book comes into its own.

    A large part (over 200 pages) of The Rife Handbook is made up of the very extensive Frequency Directory (Chapter 5), which can also be purchased separately. Her directory is not just a list, it is full of detailed explanations as to the origin of the disease, how it affects the body, and what other co-infections and conditions may exist along with the one you're looking up. Moreover, Dr. Sylver has worked hard to ensure that the frequencies are well researched. This information is unique; it saves hours of searching through thousands of messages on the various discussion groups. The Rife Handbook is an ideal reference manual for anyone involved in using Rife therapy, giving you not only the best known tried and tested frequencies to use, but also well researched background information not found anywhere else. I feel it is an essential companion for everyone involved in researching Rife therapy.

    Effective Rife therapy is all about using the correct resonance frequencies in the right way. As I run the two largest Rife related discussion groups, I am often asked where to find good independent and reliable information about Rife therapy, particularly as there is so much disinformation out there on the Internet. Now I can answer that question very simply. Buy Nenah Sylver's Rife Handbook and then join the Rife Forum to discuss any further questions you have with the experts.

    By the way, Dr. Nenah Sylver does not sell Rife devices, is not associated with any particular manufacturer, and has an excellent reputation in the Rife world. The first edition of this book sold over 6000 copies worldwide, to great acclaim and with no paid advertising whatsoever. This new edition is almost twice the size, has been thoroughly updated and expanded, and she has consulted just about every expert in the Rife world and beyond to put together a very complete explanation of Rife therapy as it is known today in the context of holistic medicine. When asked why she spent 12 years of her life working on this book, she simply replied “because nobody else is doing it”.

    As I highly recommend The Rife Handbook, I am pleased to have been able to play a small part in getting this released as an eBook. I provided technical support by rewriting her website and setting up the eBook system for marketing it. I have also contributed to the eBook itself by providing some info and images. The Rife Handbook has been praised by many health professionals and researchers in the electromedicine and Rife fields and provides a valuable insight into the world of Rife Therapy.

    The 760-page eBook (Windows or Mac compatible) is available now from $67.95, and can be downloaded from http://www.nenahsylver.com

    Nenah is currently running a special promotion on her website, where the first 500 who purchase The Rife Handbook eBook will also receive a complimentary copy of her other major work - the 360-page Holistic Handbook of Sauna Therapy.

    As an additional incentive for June, new customers will also be able to download a special eBook Collection of Rife Correspondence 1929-1974 (721 pages, 213MB)

    Read this massive collection of original correspondence by Rife, Crane and many others from the period 1929-1974. This is a must for Rife researchers, not available for sale, and available as a free bonus for those who buy the Rife Handbook during June only.

    Rife Forum Special Offer

    I am really impressed with her new eBook and feel as many people as possible should have a chance to read it. I have therefore decided to add an additional incentive especially for Rife Forum members.

    Buy The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy between June 1 and June 20, and I will grant you 12 months of complimentary Rife Forum premium membership (worth $50) with no further obligations. All you have to do is register the purchase with us.

    From the 21st to the end of June, the deal will be reduced to just 6 months free premium membership (worth $30), and in July just 3 months (worth $20)—after which this offer ends.

    Premium membership of the Rife Forum gives you unlimited access to our Audio and Video libraries, Device Reviews and Special Reports.

    What to know more about the eBook?
    You can learn more about the eBook on Nenah’s website where you can also download a 120 page free sample free with excerpts from the various chapters.


    To register for your free 12 month Rife Forum Premium Access:

    Use the Rife Forum contact form, select “Rife Handbook Promotion” and give the email address, used to make the order, and the Rife Forum username to be used for Premium Access in the message box. Please allow up to two work days for Premium Access to be activated.

    Nenah Sylver Radio Interview

    Nenah was interviewed on the One Radio Network on April 23. Here are the details:

    Topic: Rife Technology

    Nenah Sylver, PhD—internationally known educator and author in the fields of health and electromedicine—was interviewed on the Patrick Timpone show on Thursday, 23 April, 2009. On the show, Dr. Sylver discussed Rife and other electromedicine technologies, as well as many different types of holistic health modalities that complement Rife therapy. These topics, and more, are discussed in her new 760+ page book, The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy with a Holistic Health Primer.

    To learn more about Patrick's radio show, visit his website: http://www.oneradionetwork.com

    A recording of the show can be heard on the One Radio Show website, on Nenah’s website and in the Audio Library of the Rife Forum (where most previous Rife related radio interviews can be heard).

    http://www.rifeforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3013 (Audio Library)

    Jim Folsom Trial

    James Folsom is well known, in the Rife world, as the manufacturer and distributor of the BioSolutions/Global Wellness Plus, Rife-type, bio-resonance instruments. He has been marketing this equipment since 1995 from San Diego after taking over the business from the Royal Rife Research Society.

    Jim has hundreds of testimonials where his devices improved physical symptoms, and in many cases led to full remission and did not have any dissatisfied customers.

    In April 2003, he has raided by the FDA as part of their “Operation Cure All”, which targeted various companies in the alternative health market at the time. A lot of equipment was confiscated at the time, but then Jim heard no more for several years. Then just before the statute of limitations would have taken effect, Jim was arrested and charged with many felony counts, including selling a class III medical instrument without a license.

    He stood by his principles, as he saw himself as not guilty for the following reasons. He did not need a license to sell the instrument because his equipment was Class 1 biofeedback device exempt. The instrument had been used for 70+ years, with no known harm or side effects. And the device should have been grandfathered in by the FDA, as Rife equipment had already been on the market before 1976. Jim saw this as an opportunity to clear the name of Royal Rife once and for all.

    He was then offered two or three plea bargains, the last of which would have him plead guilty to a misdemeanor, pay a $250 fine, unsupervised probation for a year, and he would not be able to sell his devices. Jim, knowing the capabilities of his devices, felt certain he could fight this charge and win. He had been running his business ethically and collecting testimonials for years and so he put together a good defense team. He decided to go through with a jury trial.

    Jim Folsom’s Trial, Feb 4-17, 2009

    Jim was arrested for selling a class III medical instrument without FDA pre market approval/clearance. The charges that Jim thought he was being charged with and for which he built his case was:

    Fraud against the government, Misbranding/Mislabeling/Adulteration and Fraud against customers (added by the prosecuting attorney and allowed by the judge a couple of days into the trial).

    After 7 days of prosecution, he only had about 30 minutes of defense and then was very surprised to learn that he was found guilty of 26 felony charges (despite being told up to and during the trial it was only three), which allowed for a possible maximum sentence of 140 years in prison and $500,000.00 in fines. Being found guilty on 26 charges was a total surprise for both Jim and his attorneys.

    Jim had stood on his principles for his innocence and to clear the Rife name. It was an impossible task. Jim was up against an endless supply of money through the FDA and an unjust system.

    Since the trial, Jim’s defense attorneys had promised to present a motion for a new trial, but Jim is not aware of that happening. Jim also provided them with money at the end of the trial for the transcripts, but that money was not used for the intended purpose as of this writing. The transcripts are necessary to put together a motion for a new trial and it takes 30 days. Jim also mentioned he’s being pressured into signing a plea agreement.

    The outcome of this could set a precedent for other rife-type device inventor/distributers, and things must be set right. There is a group working on getting Jim out of jail. He is in a detention center awaiting sentencing set for July 13, 2009 at 10:30am (not May 11 nor July 10th).

    Appeal for Help
    An appeal has been started for those who wish to do what you can to help Jim. Those wishing to help are asked to do the following:

    Fill the courtroom: Fill the courtroom on the sentencing date: July 13th, 10:30AM

    Donate: It will cost upwards of $75,000 to put in an appeal, and Jim has exhausted his funds and needs help. Any bit will do. If you can only afford $5 or $10, that will still help! Jim’s brother David and his good friend Rob have started up a website for Jim including instructions on how to donate at http://www.jimfolsom.net

    Write to Jim: Let’s inundate the facility with mail! Now is the time to show this humanitarian, friend, associate, etc., how much we care and that he truly is in our thoughts and prayers and not forgotten.

    Write: Tell writers about this story! We need the media now. We need stories about what is happening to this innocent man and that Americans are being lied to about cures.

    Blog. Write letters to the editor. The truth needs to be heard now!!!

    Talk: Talk to your friends and family! Jim Folsom needs your/our help to avoid a prison sentence. One way is to politically get attention by many speaking out in the weeks ahead.

    How Will This Affect Other Rife Manufacturers in the USA?

    The FDA claims this type of instrument is under its jurisdiction, regardless of the fact that they were used many years before the 1976 Act and should not require a license to distribute. This seems to be the background and big picture of this case. The big question is how this will affect others who sell instruments but are more careful not to make any statements regarding efficacy? It will cause major anxiety in those selling these devices.

    Also (most likely as a result of the trial) just 45 days after trial, the FDA put out a press announcement “FDA to Review Medical Devices Marketed Prior to 1976”

    Most manufacturers of Rife equipment in the USA are now checking the information they are releasing on their websites.

    For full details on this story, complete with links, addresses etc. please visit our new Rife Wiki:

    Advertise on http://www.rife.de / http://www.rifeforum.com

    • Are you involved in the electotherapy business?

    • Do you write books, DVDs, software or even make frequency devices?

    • Looking for a cost effective way of reaching your target market?

    In the current climate, many companies, in the electrotherapy market, are looking for new ways of making people aware of their products while avoiding unnecessary public exposure.

    We offer you the opportunity to place banner adverts on two of the top Rife related websites:

    http://www.rife.de - Rife Research, Europe
    Provides information to the public about modern "Rife" related research, clinical studies and background information. This compliments Stan Truman's www.rife.org that concentrates on historical documentation. http://www.rife.de, along with http://www.rife.org are the two most linked to independent Rife related websites for general information on the subject.

    http://www.rifeforum.com - The Rife Forum
    Is a modern online forum based on the popular and professional vBulletin engine. With over 5500 members and growing steadily, the Rife Forum reaches more people, interested in Rife technology, than any other platform. Companies can have their own blog within the forum visible just to forum members, not visible on the public internet and legally outside the USA.

    We have put together a range of advertising packages allowing Rife vendors to advertise their products on a non-USA based platform including a package for online support, as well. You can optionally have your own forum area where your customers can discuss your products within the forum for example.

    Simply want a banner advert? No problem, we can place your ads on the Rife Forum (rotating banner) or you can even hire a fixed location on http://www.rife.de website.

    Costs - we can be flexible and should be able to find a way of fitting your budget.

    Have we got you interested? Then contact us for more details:

    I hope you liked this Newsletter. I will be trying my best to send this out more often, summarizing the latest news and events in the Rife Forum and the Rife World.

    There are more news and views available on the Rife Forum so come and visit it again today.


    Peter Walker

    Rife Forum Help

    You are already a member of the Rife Forum - have you visited it, lately?

    The Rife Forum started in September 2002 and has developed a lot since then. Currently we have nearly 5800 members, over 2760 topics and over 11000 posts covering every aspect of Rife technology. The Rife Forum uses the modern vBulletin forum software enabling you to easily view the topics by category.

    We have noticed that a number of members have joined some time ago, yet have not been to the forum for a while. If you are just not sure how to find your way around our forum, it is actually quite easy and we have made available a lot of online resources to get you using the forum quickly and easily.

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