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Long term members will remember we ran a newsletter for a few months back in 2002/2003, yet due to other commitments it was not continued at the time. We have decided to provide an interesting monthly newsletter keeping you in touch with the most important issues affecting the world of Rife related research. We hope you enjoy it.

If you have some interesting articles to be published in our next newsletter, let me know. We especially would like to hear articles about the upcoming Rife Conference in Seattle.
Peter Walker

The Rife Conference 2008 in Seattle, USA

At http://www.rifeconference.com you can see the speaker schedule.
Dr. Hulda Clark will be sharing her latest concepts on dealing with current diseases.

German New Medicine is a completely new topic to many of us and it explains the actual physical connection between emotional shocks or stress and illnesses. Dr. David Holt is a great speaker who will tell us how German New Medicine works and how to apply it to our situations. By the way, he is not related to Dr. John Holt of Australia as far as we know.
Dr. Henry Lai of the University of Washington has new frequency research to share with us.

Dr. Cutler is considered by many to be the top expert on toxic metals. Learn how toxic metals are related to many devastating illnesses including autism and what to do about them.

Richard Lloyd will share his latest strategies that are helping those with cancer, Lyme disease and many other conditions get well quickly.
We will hear the latest on a new microscope based on concepts used 70 years ago.

Jeff and Rita Behary of http://www.electrotherapymuseum.com have a very large collection of antique electro-therapy devices and they put on a great presentation.

The talk on legal issues by Tim Bolen on Saturday night will be interesting. He has valuable ideas on how to prevent legal problems.

And Dr. Rick Bierman will do a Saturday night workshop for Lyme patients again. Lyme expert Lona Suomi will be taking part. This session will be the favorite of many who attend.

There will also be a session where you can ask the speakers your questions.

There will be material at the conference that will be a big help for cancer patients, Lyme disease patients, and all who have stubborn health conditions.

The Rife Conference is a place to see old friends, make new friends, and learn about some very interesting topics. And it is always fun to see the latest frequency equipment.

Although the conference is getting close, you can still register for the Conference online.

I (Peter Walker) will unfortunately not be able to attend this year due to other commitments. I was however involved with the European Rife Congress which took place earlier this year in Germany. I hope you all have a great time in Seattle.

Sign up for the Rife Conference here: http://www.rifeconference.com

European Quantum Energy Medicine Conference

The European Quantum Energy Medicine Conference took place in mid September and I was there to check it out.

I am still working on my report which I hope to release shortly on the Rife Forum. There were some great talks amd some interesting new devices on show. Although not Rife devices, they were not far off.

Upcoming European Conferences

For those in Europe that cannot make it to Seattle, how about a trip to Germany for the "Medical Week" in Baden Baden
Europe's largest alternative medicine conference and exhibition from 1-6th November. Last year a number of European
"Rife" device manufacturers attended the show.
I plan to be there so let me know if you are planning to go, too.

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