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Peter Walker 06-18-2006 16:45

I receive messages via Email, but cannot login?
You receive messages via Email, but cannot login!

We often get enquires from people who say they are already members of the forum, because they are constantly receiving messages via Email, yet when they try to login here, their Email address and username is not recognised!

In most cases, it turns out that they have actually joined the Rifeforum Yahoogroup, but are NOT a member of this forum too. Being a member of the Rifeforum Yahoogroup does not automatically give you membership of this Rife Forum and vice versa. They are two separate systems requiring separate registrations.

Why are there Two Rife Forums (Yahoogroups and here)?

As the Rife community used to be run entirely on Yahoogroups, the members were used to receiving all new messages via Email and this was clearly a requirement for many of the members joining this forum. In order to allow such members to be able to continue to receive new Rife Forum messages via Email, the Rifeforum Yahoogroup was setup in order to handle the relaying of new messages to those who wanted to receive them in that way. The forums that are also forwarded to the Rifeforum Yahoogroup are marked in the forum list with

This system has turned out to be popular with hundreds of members joining the Rifeforum Yahoogroup.

Although the Rifeforum Yahoogroup was setup as an extra service for members of this forum, there have been a number of people who joined the Rifeforum Yahoogroup and NOT the actual Rife Forum (here). This is especially the case for members who joined during the 8 months (June 7, 2005 to Feb. 1, 2006) this Rife Forum was offline while the system was updated and transfered to a different platform (from phpbb to vBulletin).

The Bottom Line

If you are receiving messages from the Rife Forum via Yahoogroups, but cannot login here (the username here would be your fore and surname, e.g. "John Crane"), and entering your Email address in the Password Recovery System fails (you see the following message after entering the Email address you receive messages with: "You have not entered an email address that we recognise"), then you are NOT a member of the actual Rife Forum and you need to Register.

I hope this answers any questions you may have. If not, please use the Contact Us form.

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