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Peter Walker 01-03-2006 21:28

What is Premium Membership?
What is Premium Membership?

Once you are a registered member (free), you will have access to the Rife forum discussion areas, in a similar way to most other forums. We are committed to maintaining this valuable resource free of change for all registered users.

This forum also contains additional multi-media content (online videos, audio, images, test reports, etc.) which is only accessible after you have applied for premium membership (costs range from $2 for 2 days up to about $180 for 5 years).

Premium membership also increases the size of your storage area for private messages (from 200 to 400 messages), increases your individual attachment space from 100MB to unlimited (within reason) and allows you to add attachments to personal messages that you can send privately to any other member (only the person sending the message needs premium membership). In comparison, Yahoogroups allow only 100MB to be shared by all members.

Premium Members have full access to the Premium area where the multi-media library is located. You can view the online media as often as you wish, there are no additional charges for viewing multiple times, etc.

Why is there a charge for Premium content?

Running a forum of this nature costs a considerable amount of time and money. Offering online videos and audio is particularly expensive due to the considerably higher web-space and bandwidth requirements. Compiling and researching information for special reports often involves extensive travel costs, etc. As the time requirements and financial costs have grown too large to be paid for out of the administrators private funds, an alternative source of funding was needed and the following options were considered:
  1. Sponsorship from industry. Most sponsorship comes at a price, which often means losing some Independence. As we plan to independently assess the entire range of Rife devices available (as funds allow), accepting sponsorship might influence our ability to be open about our findings.
  2. Donations. We have an active donation system and such donations do allocate you time as a premium member.
  3. Membership charge. Charging a general membership fee to access the forum would only prevent a lot of people finding this information. We have no plans to introduce such a charge as it is important to make the information about Rife as readily available as possible and maintain the normal Forum area free of any charges.
  4. Advertising. Advertising is an obvious option and common on most websites. We do accept limited advertising for publications, etc. For legal reasons, we can currently only accept advertising from device manufacturers that are medCE certified in Europe. Additionally, such manufacturers (particularly in the USA) have legal problems advertising where health implications about their products are discussed. Currently, we have restricted adverts to a banner at the top of the page, which should not disturb your use of the system.
  5. Subscription for additional content. This option allows us to charge only those members who wish to access additional information such as online media and test reports, as that material costs the most to make available. As this is optional, the users can decide for themselves if they wish to use this feature. You can test the service for 2 days for just $2.
It was therefore decided to try options 4 and 5. It is hoped that enough revenue can be gained through advertising and Premium membership to pay for the costs of running this forum. The subscriptions collected will enable us to further increase the quality and quantity of high quality information and multi-media we can make available through this forum.

What do I get for my Subscription?
  • Access to the Premium area with online videos, audio, special reports, etc.
  • You can save an unlimited (within reason) number of attachments (max size per attachment 30MB) in your posts (normally 100MB)
  • Store up to 400 Private Messages in your in-box (normally 200)
  • Send a Private Messages to 10 recipients (normally 2)
  • Create Polls (otherwise just vote in existing polls)
  • Upload Profile Images (otherwise just Avatars)
How do I Subscribe?

Subscribing is easy. Simply go to you User Control Panel and click on Paid Subscriptions.

You can choose between one time and recurring subscriptions.

One Time Subscription:
This will run for the specified time and then automatically end when your subscription expires. To continue your subscription, you will need to reapply yourself.

Recurring Subscription:
This will be automatically renewed when it expires, you do not have to do a thing. Choose this if you want to ensure that you always have access to the forum. You can cancel this recurring subscription at any time, of course.

Once you have selected your Premium Membership type, click on the drop down box to select your time package. A trial subscription for 2 days costs just $2, a yearly subscription costs just $50 (our most popular subscription period). You can pay in US dollars, UK pounds, Euros, Australian or Canadian dollars, just select the currency you wish to pay in.

Payment is currently possible via PayPal which will give you immediate access after completing the payment. PayPal allows you to pay via your credit card or via bank transfer from a number of counties. You incur no extra charges for using PayPal, the world's largest online payment system (owned by eBay).

We can also accept personal cheques or bank transfers from the USA ($), UK () and Europe (Euro) although cheques need to clear before you are granted access. Please use the Contact Us form to enquire about offline payments.

To subscribe now, click here to access aur subscription page.

If you have any more questions or suggestions, let me know!

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