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Peter Walker 04-20-2017 07:06

Improvements to the Forum in 2017
I have planned a lot of improvements to the Rife Forum for 2017.

Let us first look at recent events, here:

Rife Forum Finances
The forum is funded via donations that allow access to the premium area where high quality reports and videos can be found. Donations have been behind our costs for some time and this led to an urgent appeal for help that was sent out in December 2016. The response to this appeal was very encouraging and went a long way towards covering our running costs and clearing some of the debts that had been run up to keep things running here. A big thank-you to all who helped out then and the funds prevented the forum from having to be shut down at the end of 2016 and allowed us to start work on urgent maintenance work.

Unfortunately due to technical problems caused by repairing the hacks, the donation system went offline for about two months from January causing donations to practically stop for those two months. This had a negative effect on the finances of the forum at a time when a lot of additional funds were needed to repair all the problems caused by hacking, etc. The need to use external contractors to help repair the forum systems and large amount of time needed to get things running again used up all the funds donated in the December appeal and due to virtually no new donations coming in for a couple of months, we are again having problems meeting costs. A series of new services and expansion of advertising on will be implemented in the hope of improving finances in 2017. I plan to spend a lot more time upgrading the forum both technically and adding more high-quality content in 2017.

Forum Hacking in December 2016
Due to a hacking attack in December 2016 and subsequent technical problems with the forum and Rife Wiki, that have taken months to correct and are not quite complete,

The hack simply placed a redirect to a download website for those that found the forum via Google, etc. No data was stolen. A lot of efforts have been put into improving the security of the forum and the CometChat chat-bar was determined to be the security leak that allowed the hack. It has therefore been removed for now. Reinstating the older version is being considered as that worked well.

SSL Security Improvements
The forum has now implemented SSL security on the forum. This encrypts the connection between your computer and the forum in the same way this is done when you purchase something securely, online. This prevents hackers from intercepting your text, passwords, etc. between your computer or device and the forum. There were a number of technical problems during implementation, yet we are now confident that the forum is now working properly. The SSL connection is now fully activated and the insecure connection is no longer available. The forum mail server now also uses a secure connection to send all emails to the members.

The Rife Wiki has also been attacked and has been unusable for some time, now. The concept of the Rife Wiki was to have a common Wiki for all Rife related topics that was under our control and safer from the kind of political bias that you find on Wikipedia against all topics. Only Rife Forum members were able to make changes to the text, in the hope this would keep things accurate. Highlights include the details of the Jim Folsom trial, that had a very positive effect on reducing the negative implications of what happened to Jim, by exposing the facts to the public, thereby reducing the spin from those trying to use it to attack the Rife world. Another highlight is the Rife machine table that listed a number of Rife devices side-by-side. Both of these pages have yet to be republished on and will be when time allows.

However, very few people contributed and critical topics like "Urban Legends" were still altered to have broken links, etc. The wiki was then altered to work poorly and finally the text disappeared completely. Obviously, running a Wiki, where anyone can make changes, is going to invite the wrong people to try and ruin it. This was corrected when the contents of the Wiki pages was transferred to the website where only I can make changes.

After analysing the problems, it will be easier to rebuild than repair it and for now, most of the contents can be found at (redirects to the website. If the Rife Wiki can return as a Wiki depends on time and funds being available to rebuild it. The existing links still work.

Major Project for 2017 - Device Testing
One of the major reasons for running a forum like this, is to provide an unbiased platform for discussions of Rife methods and devices, independent of manufacturers. This independence has been maintained and is very important. The number one question I am always being asked is about which device to use. I see a real need for independent testing of each device out there and that is what I want to arrange. The biggest issue will be funding as each device will have to be purchased and put through rigorous testing to determine the quality of each unit and its suitability. If finances allow, I would like this testing to be carried out by an independent testing agency so that transparent reports can be made. Finances are hoped to be gained through donations and possibly a Kickstarter (or similar service) campaign.

The final reports will be made available in the premium area of the forum and for purchase on by the general public. The more funds that can be gained, the more devices we can test - this will be a great project. Manufacturers who want to ensure their devices are tested can donate units to be tested, which helps us tremendously as we then do not need to buy them. The reports will be transparent and unbiased.

We have more positive things planned as well, which will be announced later as time and funds allow them to be done. There is still a lot of things which can be done to have a very positive effect on the world of Rife technology to help more people recover from serious conditions.

Thank-you for reading this and if you wish to help us in any way in achieving these aims, let me know. You can donate towards the costs of running the forum and these new projects here:

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