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Frank Clark

Garth passed

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My friend with pancreatic cancer had the cancer return to his liver. I created new banks of Rife frequencies to rid his liver of cancer and succeeded. The cancer returned to his pancreas. I repeated the same banks of frequencies that initially rid his pancreas of cancer and used new banks of frequencies as well. Despite our efforts Garth passed last Saturday of pancreatic cancer. I still have one friend who remains healthy after having been told he had inoperable untreatable stage 4 metastatic cancer of lungs liver and chest. He thrives cancer free after Rife and chemotherapy. For the last three months before he was declared cancer free he used only Rife. His doctor told him that he was "perplexed".
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  1. Tom Basilio's Avatar
    Garth I am so sorry to hear of your loss and would be REALLY grateful if you would share what frequencies you are using. I was SO frustrated... cleared a friend of pancreatic cancer last year only to lose him to a bacterium accidentally introduced into his bloodstream while in hospital. I am currently working (1 treatment so far) with a liver cancer patient so any thoughts would be gratefully received.
  2. Frank Clark's Avatar
    Sorry. Been away. I am writing a book on same subject. I will email you all info I have on Garth etc. call me 9083038137 or email me