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Frank Clark

Rife Therapy helps Patient with Pancreatic Cancer

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Garth had a pancreatic cancer marker of 6,000 and 7 months to live. Garth met with me and exposed himself to his first plasma bulb Rife treatment on September 19, 2010. Within days his doctor told him his cancer marker decreased to 5,800. Garth took more Rife Machine Exposures (RMEs) on September 22. Days later his doctor told him his cancer marker was 2,800. Garth took more RMEs on October 3. Days later his doctor told him his cancer marker was 1,700. Garth continued RMEs approaching 2-3 times weekly. By the end of October his cancer marker was down to 1,050. Using Nenah Sylver's book, "The Rife Handbook", I created a specialized bank of frequencies for treating pancreatic cancer, offered it to Garth who exposed himself to the new RMEs and 2 weeks later, in mid-November, it was down to 596. He texted me yesterday, three weeks after that reading, to tell me it was now 515.
Garth was also doing chemotherapy at the same time he was receiving RMEs.
Garth's pancreatic carcinoma is CA 19-9.
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  1. Annie Andrey's Avatar
    WELL DONE Frank!
    Please keep us posted on Garth's progress.
  2. Frank Clark's Avatar
    Garth's latest cancer marker is 492 (down from 515 most recently and down from 6000 initially). Garth nearly died because Rife treatments shriveled and collapsed his tumors which had wrapped themselves around aortic blood supply to his spleen and stomach. This constriction of blood flow caused blood vessel ruptures and he nearly bled to death. Garth has since recovered, resumed chemo and Rife treatments and continues to do well. He has outlived his death date by one month and thrives.
  3. Michael Groneberg's Avatar
    Hallo Frank, I have today - November 06 2011- read your success story and I hope, your friend is still well.
    Since yesterday I have the diagnosis "pancreatic cancer". I know, it is a bad diagnosis and "normal medicine" mostly could not help. I will try to cure myself with frequencies and so I am looking for a specialised frequency bank. Can you please mail me the frequencies you took and with the kind of machine you worked. It would be very helpfull for me.
    My mailadress is
    Thanks a lot Michael