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  1. How to Find the Frequencies to Use!

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    The most important part of any Rife frequency therapy is using the right frequency in a form that is clean enough and accurate enough to be effective. There are two experts, in this field, that I have asked to write an introduction for this forum.

    Brian McInturf (commonly known as "turf") has been compiling his Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (CAFL) for a number of years.

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    Introduction to Frequency Lists
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  2. Rife Therapy helps Patient with Pancreatic Cancer

    Garth had a pancreatic cancer marker of 6,000 and 7 months to live. Garth met with me and exposed himself to his first plasma bulb Rife treatment on September 19, 2010. Within days his doctor told him his cancer marker decreased to 5,800. Garth took more Rife Machine Exposures (RMEs) on September 22. Days later his doctor told him his cancer marker was 2,800. Garth took more RMEs on October 3. Days later his doctor told him his cancer marker was 1,700. Garth continued RMEs approaching 2-3 times ...