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  1. Does a "Rife" machine produce X-rays?
  2. What is rise time?
  3. Did Rife use radio or audio frequencies for his work?
  4. What is super-regeneration, why isn't it being used today?
  5. Rife machines always work by killing bacteria, right?
  6. Does a Rife machine harm normal body cells?
  7. Can a Rife machine cure cancer?
  8. What does MOR mean?
  9. Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions Forum
  10. How Are Rife Manufacturers Compared?
  11. What does the European (medical) CE mark actually mean!
  12. Why are harmonics important to Rife machine effects?
  13. What are harmonics and what kind of wave creates them
  14. Why use square waves as opposed to other types?
  15. What does Duty, Dwell, Pulse & Converge mean?
  16. Release form for frequency treatment